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ATTN EU FRCF Users: I have a request regarding Steam

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So long story short I bought a code for ARMA 3 that I was trying to add to my Steam account. What I didn't realize is that it's region locked. I've bought codes before from other countries but 99% of them are not region locked but alas this one is. Because I know there are some EU people here and I at least would have some trust in someone who posts here frequently I'm asking for some help.

I made a second account that I was going to add the game to, what I was hoping to find was someone willing to log into that second account and apply the code. This may end up being all for naught since maybe even once its registered it won't let me log on. I may require you to do this a couple times since I bought a code for me and a buddy. I would just make him a second account as well.

I'm going to limit this mostly to people that I see posting often as I would expect those people to be less cut and run :P

Send me a PM or post in here and I'll send you a PM and we can coordinate from there.
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  • Actually, regions are assigned based on where the account is made, so I'm going to try and create one through a proxy, or I might switch the help to giving someone two emails to make accounts with (and possibly add codes).
  • Nevermind, got it figured out. Don't need help anymore.
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