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Pokemon Go!



  • I woke up this morning and caught a Weeping Bell in my pajamas... (now say it with me) he got into my pajamas I'll never know!
  • Fite my pokes irl m8

  • So no dogfighting until last 5 I hear?
  • So no dogfighting until last 5 I hear?

    Yeah, but it's easy to get there, just grab every poke you see, and spin a few stops here and there.
  • New Pokemon are worth 600 flat, plus 10 for a spin on the pokeball or 50 for a great throw. So it's very easy.
  • Finally able to challenge a gym as of last night. The wife and I went for a drive to grab groceries and hit a couple of Pokestops on the way (which also involved us hilariously discovering the couple next to us in the post office parking lot hunting down the same pokestop), and I saw a gym just up the road.

    Awesome! I figured the game hadn't been out long enough and the area where I live sparse enough that I could just claim it.


    Fuckin' 947 CP gym leader.

    Gyms are no fuckin' joke.
  • Every time I've faced a gym the Pokemon I'm facing won't fucking die. I get them down to a sliver and then it doesn't give me the killing blow.
  • Pokemon Go is still pretty glitchy but I recently got the best one yet. I could write a creepy pasta over it. I was trying to catch a Ratata in the living room, it broke free, and rushed at the screen. The game then froze on this image:


    I'm pretty sure my guy just got killed in game.
  • I think people are definitely enjoying the meta game more if at all.
  • That's some FNAF shit right there. Murderous Ratatta.
  • Spoke to no fewer than 3 strangers today about PG. Guy driving by told us about a spot in a cemetery. Dad with a kid stopped to ask how the game works cuz he just started playing. Dudes in the park had external battery pack plugged into their phones and told me they were hunting a rhyhorn that was nearby.

    I talked to more random people today than in the past month.
  • We decided to go to the park today and there was tons of people walking around the lake playing the game. It seemed to be prime Pokemon territory because around my work and home there are no Pokemon.
  • I ran into a bunch of people at the pokestop near my local church, and overheard them puzzling over how to revive pokemon, so I quickly stopped to clue them in, had a bit of a chat. They told me that someone had just popped a lure on a stop the next street over, so I wandered over that way - evening youth group at the church next street over that took their meeting outside in the cold under a patio heater in the carpark, so that they could all play P-Go, since you couldn't reach the pokestop from inside the church.

    I hung out with them for a while, dispensed tips, chatted shit. They were mostly nice people, all pretty chill - though it must have looked pretty funny, one big, dodgy looking dude in jeans, big boots and a battered leather jacket hanging out with a bunch of clean-cut early 20s people in sweaters, cardigans and other almost hilariously stereotypical church clothes and neat haircuts, all playing pokemon.
  • So Gym battles aren't worth it unless you have really high CP Pokemon. There should be limits so players of all CP levels can try to battle/train. I'm not hardcore and pretty much all I can do is catch Pokemon and go to PokeStops. Kinda bullshit.
  • Rochelle said:

    So Gym battles aren't worth it unless you have really high CP Pokemon. There should be limits so players of all CP levels can try to battle/train. I'm not hardcore and pretty much all I can do is catch Pokemon and go to PokeStops. Kinda bullshit.

    Yeah, the way you get nothing from training at friendly gyms if you don't win, but it still harms your pokes and costs you heals is a bit of a poor choice. Unless I know for sure I can smash at least one or two of the pokes at that gym, it's not even worth the time to train and help my team, when I can get more from hitting a stop or catching literally any pokemon.
  • Yep. At one Gym I can at least battle one trainer because it's a lower level, but the other two, nope.

    Also my phone gps is wonky, so that's not helping.
  • Yeah. Every gym we've stopped at has been beyond us. Was briefly able to assign one of my pokes to one of them... long enough to collect the defender bonus before it got stomped and kicked out.

    We're pretty much focusing on stops and catching, so we can level up.
  • Yep. I'm trying to get more Eevees to power up and then evolve. The evolve is entirely random. Right now my Hypno is getting up there.

    I have like 152 candy and get my Ratatta to be a strong Raticate.
  • So I used a 360ish CP Poke to beat a 480ish CP Poke at a gym. Pay close attention to attacks, and that will allow you to dodge and counterpunch.

    They should handle training at friendly gyms differently, tbh.
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    Pokemon go has finally changed one of the major issues I had with one of my friend groups.
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  • Did a job today with effectively my boss and my boss's boss's boss. Boss's boss's boss: So you guys play Pokemon go?
  • They should handle training at friendly gyms differently, tbh.

    Yeah - Right now, you get literally nothing for doing it, and actively get punished, unless you're essentially guaranteed a win. The only time it's useful to you, is when you're beyond the point of really needing it. It should, instead, give you something for losing, and a larger bonus for winning, just to encourage that team-supporting behavior.
  • Been having a good time with this one. A shocking number of people I wouldn't expect to be into it are very into it (wife, cousins, other non-gamer friends, etc.). I live within walking distance of my suburban town center w/ library, ice rink, mayor's office, etc. Due to little monuments and such, it's got 11 pokestops and a gym all in essentially 1 big parking lot, and that place is insane. At any time of day, even 9PM last night on a Sunday, there are easily 30 people there.

    Half the stops perpetually have lures on them, and the gym is ruled by some crazy Level 14, 1500cp shit. I noticed as I left the house today that in the middle of the night, Blue team came in a flipped the fucking gym color. That is insane, to be taking down a Level 8 gym after hours on a Sunday night. I can't imagine the number of battles it takes to chip away that much gym prestige.

    I've got a handful of Pokemans in to the 300s, cp-wise, which gets me some gym victories here and there, but not out in public. Working on a military base with restricted access though... I was able to grind out ~1500 prestige to up a gym level and get myself in, and a second one was already just sitting there w/ an open spot. So hopefully I can hold those spots down and earn some coins.
  • I hated having to go into the office, now I have even more incentive to go to downtown Seattle.
  • There were tons of people in LIC walking around in the parks late last night as I came home from ConnectiCon. 100% of them were catching pokemon.

    I've never seen that many people out at night in LIC in my life.
  • I wound up getting into a 3rd gym when I realized there was one right between our two office buildings.

    Then lunchtime hit, and an army of interns walked around the military base and flipped everything to blue team. My reign is over.
  • I realized blue team was the correct team when I saw what the teams stood for. Blue = intellect, red = strength, yellow = believing what your gut tells you regardless of evidence. So it's really a choice between blue and red. For me, that means blue.
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