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LoL Worlds (Spoilers)

So, is anyone else watching Worlds right now? The elimination stage starts today, and there's been some hella awesome games already from the group stage, plus what fucking Origen just pulled off.


  • Yeah I've been watching the downfall of the faithage as all the NA teams got dumpstered.
    I picked Origen to get through personally but they're gonna be killed by SKT.

    Hopefully Fnatic makes it to the finals, they have the skill to (just like most teams) however its whether they can get the entire team to follow the macro strategy when it comes to beating the either KT Rolser or Koo Tigers. (Assuming they beat EDG).
  • I have SKT vs FNC as my finals in my pick 'em.

    Also, Game 2 in OG vs. Flash Wolves was boring as fuck right up until it wasn't.
  • AHQ was always bound to be defeated at this stage but they did surprisingly well until they had to do anything macro oriented.
    If game 3 was their game 1 the series would have been pretty interesting but I guess that's why SKT banned Fizz in the first game.
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