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FRCF Secret Santa 2015 (Later and Dirtier Than Ever!)



  • Amazon says my Santee's gift was delivered Monday so I hope they received it.
  • Right all dropped off, should be with you in a week or so. That being said its with royal mail so it might come in June.
  • My post person left my new flask at the wrong door -_- but now it is in safe hands thanks Santa.
  • Thank you for the books Amp! I'm looking forward to reading both.
  • I was wondering yesterday if they made it over ok. Glad you got them, hope you enjoy them.
  • Today I saw a post on Gunpla Reddit from someone who still had not received their secret santa gift from that community. By the way, that community is known for giving out ridiculous secret santa gifts like perfect grades and shit. Then I remembered that this was the first year I hadn't received a FRC SS gift.

    I get home, and as usual I look at my door for boxes. I wasn't expecting anything at all, since I haven't ordered anything recently due to MAGFest. But you never know when some Kickstarter will get fulfilled randomly. Today there was a box and I did not know what it was! I assumed Kickstarter, but as you can tell by the existence of this post, it was the missing FRC SS.

    Somehow, some way, the FRC SS is the only person who seems to consistently give me a gift of something I needed, but didn't know I needed. Boo coin purse, Pac-Man Apron, Netrunner loot sack, and now bicycle themed squishy sunglass holder. You know how f'ed up my sunglasses get because I just always toss them in my messenger back without giving any fucks from my barren field? Welp, no more. Also, some cool Formula E bits I didn't even consider.

    Thanks Victor for the good stuffs, and also for organizing this thing every year.
  • Apreche said:

    bicycle themed squishy sunglass holder.

    Intriguing. Picture?
  • Apreche said:

    Thanks Victor for the good stuffs, and also for organizing this thing every year.

    No prob, bob. Glad you like the sunglass case!
    okeefe said:

    Intriguing. Picture?

    Damn, I wish I had taken one.
  • Ah, if only I had seen this before I left for work. It's a rainy day, so I didn't bring it with me.
  • Thanks for the gift santa! I was just thinking about doing some parallel pi's, and this is gonna push me into making them!
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