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Based on /r/techsupportmacgyver, this thread is for your hacky solutions to tech problems. I'll start.

The place I'm living right now is shared with the landlord. Their router is a total POS. It drops the connection all the time. I've been wanting to reboot it for a week or so now but it's in their locked unit and I don't have the login. I was really bored tonight and wanted to watch Netflix when it started acting up again.

So I did the only thing I could think to do. I messaged my friend who has a Denial of Service attack script and asked him to send it to me. I DOS'ed the router until it rebooted and now Netflix is streaming in perfect HD. WIN!


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    I now have full blown ubuntu running natively on my shield tablet. It works better than you would expect.
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  • I don't have to now, but for a while there my usb dongle just couldn't pick up my apartment's wifi signal correctly, but my old netbook could so I basically used that as a bridge and connected it to my routers wan port so I could hook up my desktop to that and rebroadcast the signal to my other devices. The signal is better now so I just have my desktop feeding internets to my router so I can connect my Chromecast and Wii to the wireless (they still don't like the apartment wifi) and run and ethernet cable to my 360 since it has no wireless.
  • The shitty plastic pushpins on my stock Intel heatsink snapped. No big loss, those things were always a pain in my ass. Replaced them with Real-Goddamned-Screws™
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    Pegu said:

    The shitty plastic pushpins on my stock Intel heatsink snapped. No big loss, those things were always a pain in my ass. Replaced them with Real-Goddamned-Screws™

    You want some wise advice, it's this - when disassembling things you keep around, like computers and such, always scav them for screws, bolts, and other such small, universal stuff. You never know when you'll need a spare self-tapping case screw or a bolt that fits that one part just right. Or when you'll need to replace some shitty fastener that nobody fucking likes but everybody uses because they're cheap as shit.

    It's not like it takes up excessive room to store, either - I've got a shitload of those standard thread screws with the big, fat, textured head on them to make them easy to hand-tighten, enough to build three computers using them for everything, still only takes up a tiny zip-loc bag about the size of a credit card.
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  • Taught my Mum what a VPN was and she was able to piece together the concepts discussed in Mr. Robot and what I described to her a few weeks ago (when the data retention shittiness started).

    I visited them today and found she was effectively browsing from Romania on a DNS leak free connection.

    I then switched to a US location and Hulu seems to effectively block most of the well known VPN IP addresses however it can't deal with browser based redirection.

    After a simple extension installation I was streaming One Punch Man.

    I find it weird that I have an acquaintance who I thought understood technology because he's a product developer at Adobe, did not think that metadata storage was a big thing till I described metadata as analogous to a currency and that trusting the Government with your data is less secure than Google or Microsoft.
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