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GeekNights Monday - Don't Drop your Phone

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss how not to drop your phone. Too many of you drop your phones. And the phones break. Stop it. Take care of your phones. Other technology too. But mostly your phones. In other news, no one in Turkey knows what time it is, and you probably didn't know that Java has its own time zone stuff. Many countries don't manage their time well. Anonymous might be doxing a bunch of KKK members, raising the wider concerns surrounding the idea that ostensibly public information that was once obscured by poor technology is now easily found and disseminated. Also Rym and Emily were at Disney!

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  • Oh shit, you stayed at Shades of Green? I took golf lessons there, once. (I'm still seriously terrible)
  • From the Video game discussion thread by me.

    The creator of Pac-man for the 2600 comments on a homebrew version of pac-man for the 2600.

    At least more people are going to see it now.

    Anyway my phone shattered while in a chest of drawers while I was at the beach, as in I left it home while I was swimming. That was a truely wtf moment.

    Also speaking of Disney, we are losing a moment from my childhood. Disney Quest is closing down.

  • So it looks like this KKK email dump is similar to other "reveals" in that anyone can sign anyone up onto the list that is being leaked. There are some openly gay senators and apparently more Democrats than Republicans on the list, which is clearly BS... are there some real KKK members on the list, absolutely, but as far as revealing who's a legit member it seems pretty worthless.
  • Episode thoughts:

    - There are all sorts of military-only resorts around the world, but you can stay in them as a civil servant too (just have to pay more and reserve further in advance). There's a hotel in Tokyo, a Hawaii resort, and a German ski lodge, among others.

    - So I wound up buying the Nexus 5X. Yeah I wish it was a little smaller but the phone has been really good so far. I have ordered a thin case for it though. Why, after not having a case on my phone for 3 years? The audio jack on the bottom right-hand corner actually sliced my finger, right on the inside of the pinky knuckle.

    - Gorilla Glass accumulates stress, which is why sometimes it can break from a seemingly minor drop. If you've dropped it many times, it's a ticking time bomb.

    - My prior phone, the Moto X, got a nice chip out of its corner. I was sitting on a sidewalk next to a building and had put the phone down on my lap. It slid, and fell the distance of my thigh's width. That's all it took to get a few little chunks out of the glass. Surprisingly it didn't not shatter. Still got over $200 for the phone on Swappa, even with the damage.

    - DON'T LET YOUR BABY TOUCH YOUR PHONE! This explains a large percentage of shattered screens. Every day I see people out waiting in lines, sitting in restaurants, etc., and their feeble spawn are pawing away at the parent's phone. Of course they're gonna break it.

    - Ladies are more likely to use a case or screen protector, due to the "tossing it in a purse" dilemma. You either get a folio case or a screen protector. My wife overpaid for one of those fancy glass screen protectors, and when she dropped her phone one, was super upset that the screen shattered. I had to peel off the screen protector to show that the glass screen protector had actually shattered, not the phone. It was almost indistinguishable. Sure, I guess that means it absorbed a good deal of force, but two of those things is as much money as an Apple Care plan.

    - Maintain your shit: furnace filter, water filters, vacuum belts and filters, car fluids and filters. Scares me to know people who don't.
  • I was thinking of going to PAX South. I have yet to buy badges, but I think I'd rather save to go to Universal Studios Orlando just for Harry Potter World.
  • Harry Potter world is pretty fucking impressive.
  • 2 separate occasions, 2 separate people have damaged 2 of my phones by knocking them out of my death grip through some act of inconsiderate behaviour.

    Otherwise I wouldn't have any phone damage history.

    The majority of people that I know to have cracked phones, own iphones.
  • Rym said:

    Harry Potter world is pretty fucking impressive.

    I'm only interested if it has Azkaban.
  • Yeah those vacation packages ain't cheap and that's not counting air fare as well, but look like so much fun. Time to save.
  • So, I'm catching up on the show, that's just how I roll, and I listened to this episode a few minutes ago on my HTC Evo 4G, because a couple weeks ago I ran over my M8 with a forklift. So picture, if you will, me sitting on an industrial machine while Rym and Scott berate me personally for like half an hour. >_>

    Seriously, though, but for an entirely preventable accident I would be smugly nodding along. In 10+ years and 7 cell phones, I've broken one. Hell, I still have the PDA I used in high school, it works fine. (Well, the screen suffers from Sharp sucking at ribbon cables, but every OZ-770 has that problem once they're over a decade old.) I really don't get why this is such a common problem. If I can (mostly) keep my phone safe in a lumberyard, how can people destroy theirs sitting behind a desk?
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