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GeekNights Monday - Ignoring Tech News

We don't follow tech news like we used to. The return-on-investment is for most things less than it used to be, and tonight on GeekNights we talk about why. In other news, Apple won't converge the iPad and Macbook, Mozilla removes a useless feature from Firefox, police body cameras come pre-packaged with vintage malware, and Scott reviews the iPad Pro.

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  • Wondering how many people will ignore this podcast...
  • I'm interested in the old iPad if you want to PM me Scott.
  • I don't follow any news, I don't see how its valuable at all. Most of it is just scare tactics or stuff that won't affect me at all.
  • I have tried many times to find a tech podcast. Ideally, I would learn something by listening to it. I have never found one.
  • I listen to a few tech podcasts... except they aren't really about tech in the way that old tech podcasts were.

    Just like I follow tennis and F1, and I listen to podcasts about them, I like to follow along with Apple news and design stuff, and listen to podcasts about that topic too. I don't play tennis, and I don't like driving, and I'm not a designer or app developer, but I like following the sports/topics. I also listen to business podcasts, yet I have zero interests in ever running a company or being a manager or marketer or anything like that.
  • The only teck podcast that I listen to is "the tek" which gives me a general overview of all the news stories.

    They are also really big in getting desktop Linux to be a thing by having users demand projects for people to use for business purposes.

    Outside of that no other show is worth my time.
  • Finished listening to the episode. As for the use case of needing tablet and a laptop, the Surface Book is pretty damn nice, if a tad expensive. I've detached it a few times to bring to the couch for dicking around, and compared to using my old iPad 2 or my phone, holding that giant hi-res tablet screen with full Windows running on it imparted the feeling of being a computer god.
  • Tech podcasts I listen to none, bad tech commentary podcasts I listen to: Geeknights and Twit. Most all tech news is click-bait unless programming related.

    Why doesn't the iPad Pro have the right click context menu (3d touch shit). Wouldn't that make sense for a larger device?

    Scott puts the blame of scaling on Windows 10 but that thing can scale up to 8k. The 3rd party application developers are not writing scalable GUIs.

    Some OSX applications run into the same issues.

    I would still buy the Surface Pro 4 if my laptop needed replacing. It can play desktop games, run Virtualbox Linux and I don't need to use half ass programming app to program, I just use what I would normally use. Also has the higher DPI screen, microSD card card (increase memory to terabytes). The downside is that it doesn't fit for those people who want an Apple ecosystem.

    Nexus 6P is clearly the best Android device, Rym has niche requirements. I mean even Scott says the iPhone 6 feels small after using a large device.
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