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PAX East 2016



  • I know this is super late, and consider the lectures given, but does anyone have a floor slot in their room available?
  • I have a full extra set of badges (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I'm looking to put in a good home - don't want to break up the set, but I will if nothing else comes along. Only looking for the price PAX charges for them - $50 each, for a total of $150.

    I bought badges for myself and Anthony this year, just in case something went wrong with Enforcing, but since I'm definitely [E] I don't need the extra set.
  • I would take the shit out of those, if I had a place to stay and had scheduled the time off in advance
  • I did the math on final tabletop layout, and it's looking to be a good year. WotC leaving caused the overall size of Tabletop to shrink by 10%, but this has resulted in a whopping 55% increase in freeplay space, in contrast to last year's East, which was probably the worst freeplay space situation of any PAX. The rest of TT stayed largely the same. Slightly more exhibitors in the past, with slightly less dedicated Tourney space to compensate.
  • A hoodie for all PACES
  • I'm snagging that hoodie. And maybe the Moleskine.
  • Packing list as of just now.

    Big Games
    Hansa Teutonica
    Glory to Rome
    Camel Up
    Carcassonne (big mismash set)

    Small Games
    Lost Cities
    Spot It
    6 Nimmt!

    That should be enough. But, should I bring any of:

    Wizard + poker chips
    Advance Wars

  • Similarly, if anyone is looking for an RPG experience, in addition to my own shit I'll be bringing...
    - Star Wars: Age of Rebellion
    - Torchbearer
    - Questlandia

    And I'll throw together some premade characters for 'em.
  • Smash Bros.
  • Android: Netrunner
  • Matt said:

    And the people they find for these PAX Panels are often complete no-names, coming from companies nobody has ever heard of. There are a few notable people, but not many. Gil Hova from Formal Ferret. Travis from The Game Crafter.

    Hey! I did a panel at PAX! Oh, wait, that proves your point.
  • My enthusiasm for Hansa Teutonica has fallen off pretty hard lately, but if it comes out I'll still play. I've somehow avoided playing Camel Up so far, which might change this PAX.

    Packing List is like...

    - Card box w/ Race for the Galaxy, Res Publica, Mü (card games pack pretty easily)
    - Fast Food Franchise

    Poker chips are coming at the cost of being hassled at the airport and weighing down my backpack, because I don't want to use paper money for FFF.

    The rest of my packing is... undecided. Is this a PAX of known quantities like Saint Petersburg, Acquire, Fresh Fish, Tigris & Euphrates... La Città?

    Am I bringing a buffet of weird things I know the FRC hasn't played? (Really, this is my default strategy; somehow I have retained enough credibility among my peers that people will still sit down for a game. Even when I describe it as, say, a trashy Monopoly game done right...)
  • Did Food Chain Magnate hit the table at South?
  • Matt said:

    Did Food Chain Magnate hit the table at South?

    It didn't. I could bring it to East and have a fast food themed packing list.

    (For anyone following, Food Chain Magnate and Fast Food Franchise are two very different games and I inexplicably enjoy both of them)
  • Geeklist here: Games to bring to PAX East 2016

    It breaks down into the luggage pretty compactly, too. Only Food Chain Magnate adds bulk with all of its cards. Unlike the last three conventions, there's nothing the SdJ committee would even consider on this list (either too heavy, too card-gamey, or too American) - Mü gets a recommendation back in 1996, but that's it.

    I did manage to fit both FCM and FFF. After more experience, I've found FCM clips along really nicely, and we usually finish it comfortably in 90 minutes. I will be bringing poker chips to accommodate both of them.
  • Dat videoball
  • So who won PAX this year?
  • Not that Overwatch Uber driver, that's for sure.
  • edited April 2016
    See You Next Mission....

    But yeah, this PAX felt like the best in a very long time. And PushFight seems to be the winner of the con, checkouts wise.
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  • So who won PAX this year?

    Luke Crane is going to be playing my game, Tycho just flat out gave me his Torchbearer expansions when I talked to him, and I bought seven whole RPGs including the last copy of Freemarket.

    I did.
  • Acolytes of The Wheel everywhere rejoice in your victory.
  • Board games of PAX East

    Plus some games I wasn't in (The Gallerist, Carcassonne)
  • Fuck yeah FreeMarket!

    Boston has blessed us with a chilly week so I get to test out this new PAX hoodie. So snug.
  • okeefe said:

    Fuck yeah FreeMarket!

    Boston has blessed us with a chilly week so I get to test out this new PAX hoodie. So snug.

    I had to stretch out the arms a little bit, but it's a damn fine hoodie.
  • Neito said:

    okeefe said:

    Boston has blessed us with a chilly week so I get to test out this new PAX hoodie. So snug.

    I had to stretch out the arms a little bit, but it's a damn fine hoodie.
    The metal zipper is great, and I think it has a longer torso?
  • This guy reviews PAX East Tabletop every year, and his reviews are sooooo, sooooo bad.
    Google his previous year reviews if you really want to laugh.
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