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GeekNights Tuesday - Starwhal and Res Publica

Tonight on GeekNights, review Starwhal and Res Publica. The former is a great local multiplayer orthogame. The latter is a novel use of information economy in games. Youtube stars have their own dialect. You can help design Dreidel 2.0. Our Patreon grows ever nearer to the first milestone. We are on at least two panels at PAX South 2016!

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  • You CAN get Res Publica in English, but the art on the 1998 Queen version is clearly the best. :P

    My translation of the rules doesn't specify whether you're allowed to lie, and neither do the English rules in the latest Queen version. I usually tell people they are not allowed to lie.

    And the novelty is definitely a big part of the appeal for me, as is the format - I like card games, and this is a very traditional card game at its heart. No one has ever picked up this trading mechanic to improve on it since Knizia first touched it. Compare that to his auction games, which have been mined for ideas for over a decade.
  • I'm invested in taking these concepts and applying them directly to Bohnanza.
  • Has anyone ever looked at the existing expansions to Bohnanza? It feels like there are a thousand of them, and I've never given any of them a glance beyond the box art.

    Thanks for bringing up Starwhal. Maybe it was PAX South where you saw it? I remember the number of 4-player couch co-op games being overwhelming at that show. This show reminded me to go look up Paperbound, which was my second favorite of the bunch but a PS4 exclusive. Turns out it's been out on Steam for quite a while now! I'm still waiting for Just Shapes and Beats. I have a deep hunger for that game.
  • Some of the expansions to Bhonanaza aren't expansions, but are different games with the same theme, or using the same cards. Rym investigated some, and found that they are no good.
  • Every Bohnanza expansion I have seriously investigated has been garbage. Utter garbage.
  • Oh! A couple are also sexist or racist! So there's that.
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    Funny bout the YouTube accent. I was thinking the other day how there seem to be distinct speech patterns that youtubers seem to adopt. Guess I'm not far off.

    Also I see trains all the time, though usually parallel to my direction of travel there are ample times when the crossing gate is down and blinking and the Acela or even Shoreline East is blowing through as I pass.
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  • I did the math and San Antonio vs Boston is ~7 hours extra travel total, given having to show up at an airport and there being no direct flights. I'll take that any day. Definitely a cheaper con overall.
  • It's funny that I listen to this episode today after being made to play Bohnanza last night. I really need to be with a group I like and people I know. Having the anti-Rym face (No one votes for me in the vote who wins game) makes them difficult to enjoy for me. That said, I still managed to win despite all the haterade.

    Having not played Res, wouldn't applying the communication techniques from it of Bohnanza limit the negotiating power/lets make a deal factor? I mean, I get what each game is trying to be but why not let each one be what it is?
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