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FreeMarket Users for PAX South 2016

So you wanna play FreeMarket?

We're doing User Creation by the book, starting at page 15: Steps 1-6 and Step 9. We'll do MRCZ creation in person. You can think about memories, too, if you'd like, but keep them to yourself. Also, your user won't have a name yet, so don't give them one.

User creation is solo. Ignore the other users while you work on yours. Ignore MRCZ ideas. Collusion will make a boring game. I expect this thread to be mainly Q&A and working on geneline/tech/interface tags.

When you're all set, paste the final result and print out a User Sheet and copy it over in legible handwriting.


  • I know you said to ignore MRZC ideas.

    I just want to say that almost every MRCZ I've seen involves, food, cannibalism, and/or sports. Let's just stay away from those three things to freshen it up a bit.
  • I'm in. I know exactly what kind of shithead I want to be.
  • Suhweet!
  • The hardest part will be not just making my character from Burning Con 2012...
  • Andrew said:

    Thursday doesn't work for me however, I arrive at midnight.

    I suggest we play Friday then, because Rym/Scott will be busy with their panels Saturday and Sunday.
  • Friday is good for me.
  • One week until PAX.
  • Thanks for the much needed reminder.
  • I've refreshed myself on the rules. Going to create this weekend.
  • I'll do user creation while buried in the snow.
  • I bought this back when it came out. I really should open it and read it.
  • I'll be prepared.
  • Space Journalist
    First Generation (1,4,1,4)

    Curious, Relentless, Moral

    Social Engineering - 2
    Thin Slicing - 2

    Sybsoft Recordeye - 1 - Thin Slicing, Optics, Stealthy

    AnSonic ReCast - 2 - Thin Slicing, Antenna, Disruptive
    S.I. Neuronote - 1 - Ephemera, Codex, Secure
    Hideyhat - 1 - Ghosting, Hat, Waterproof

    Flow - 13
  • Waterproof? Expecting plumbing trouble?
  • okeefe said:

    Waterproof? Expecting plumbing trouble?

    Because you said it, that tag will come into play more than anything else.
  • FreeMarket is packed!
    pence said:

    The hardest part will be not just making my character from Burning Con 2012...

    I found my superuser notes from that game!
  • Oh man, I'm into the next session.

    Maybe we can do at least one or two sessions as one-offs via the Internet at some point in the nearing future.
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