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GeekNights Wednesday - My Little Pony in Continuance

Tonight on GeekNights, much as we did with the ongoing Adventure Time series, we review the many episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that have come out since our original 2011 review of the show. It's still good (not as good as the comics, but still good), and we're still into it. In the news, Netflix puts anime in its correct non-anime categories, Lupin III continues to be most excellent of late, culminating in The Italian Game, and Pokemon celebrates its 20th anniversary with some off-the-hook stuff.

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  • Anime Expo is legit huge. AX takes up about 2x the space of Connecticon and is PACKED.
  • As of the time of this post, I am only 7 years older than Pokemon.

    My first Pokemon game was both Red and Blue for my birthday. I only recently bought a 3DS Pokemon Sapphire bundle. I should have held out for this beauty, maybe. Goddamit.

    I missed a few generations of Pokemon games, but I am still so Pokemon. Anyone got a Bulbasaur they want to trade?
  • An artists rendition of the Pokemon 25th anniversary with the AR game.

  • Too real.
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