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Laika is one of my favorite animation studios nowadays. The former Will Vinton Studio makes dark fantasy films entirely in stop-motion, and they're awesome.

Check out the trailer for their latest epic coming this August, Kubo and the Two Strings.

Talk about their other movies here.


  • Kubo is a fantastic movie. We saw it at an ASIFA screening earlier in the week, and just posted our review on Patreon!
  • Kubo is an incredible movie. Favorite movie of the year right now; so tight and wonderfully told. The prettiest stop motion film I've ever seen.

    I was really worried I wouldn't like it because I don't care for ParaNorman or Boxtrolls all that much. ParaNorman had lots of flat humor and outcast based themes that got annoying until the last third where they wrapped it around in a cool story. Boxtrolls is just nonstop middling especially with over-the-top, hamfisted depiction of aristocracy and the bizarre, unfettered craziness of the villain.

    Kubo turned me around on Laika. Think I need to go give Coraline a shout now.
  • Emily and I have some final thoughts on Kubo too!
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    Quick thoughts jotted down during Kubo:

    Nobody has perfect teeth.
    You can see the spotlight in their eyes.
    Dialogue could use more work in the hopper.
    Every antagonist could use more non-expository character building.
    More sisters please.
    More eyes please.
    Too many cooks programming a blank slate.

    All the visual marks of the story hit theirmark. They certainly flaunt their strong points.
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  • Dat hair.
  • ThatGent said:

    You can see the spotlight in their eyes.

    You mean you can see the "set lighting" reflected in the characters' eyes? O_O

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I'd never thought about it before.
  • The technical term is a "catch light" and is used to bring the eyes of the subject to life:

    A with vs without example:
  • Ah, thanks! I usually use it (as one way) to tell if a photo is shopped. Now I know what to call it.
  • Did anyone else think the ending made no damn sense?
  • It perfectly wrapped the movie's plot threads up and was a tight finish to the themes presented throughout.
  • But why were they making up all these nice things, I don't get that.
  • But why were they making up all these nice things, I don't get that.

    So he won't be an asshole?

    If your memories and what you see in the eyes of others make you who you are...

  • You can look at it a couple ways. It can be a redemption and forgiveness of someone that has become a blank slate, or it can be all of Springfield taking advantage of Mr. Burns.
  • Just got back from seeing it. Damn, what a great movie! I'd say this is Laika's best film to date.
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  • Of course it's not coming to the Orlando one.
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