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GameTrailers is dead

GameTrailers is dead.

I didn't actually realize they still existed until I learned about it.

This popular article about it basically seems to complain that companies like this collapse because popularity/audience no longer matters. Only money matters.

It's always been that way. If you don't make money, you can't keep being a company.


  • The only thing upsetting about this is that when a web site dies there are so many links that will not be 404. That's not cool.

    Other than that, what purpose does GameTrailers serve in a land of YouTube? Most game trailers I see these days are actually Kickstarter videos.
  • They made "personality-driven content" apparently.
  • For the past several years, Gametrailers had nothing to do with posting game trailers, and they were entirely about long-form heavily-produced content (Stuff about like the Zelda timeline, or the Kingdom Hearts timeline, or other things neither of you care about watching). Disappointing that quality and views didn't save them, but Rym's pretty much on the money. Paid promotions or millions of dedicated viewers keep this kind of content running, or Patreon.
  • Is their old content disappearing forever? I'm sure some nerds have downloaded it. Perhaps they should at least make a YouTube channel and upload it all. Even if they don't make any new videos, there will be a trickle of money for someone to collect.
  • They can produce all the long form content they want.

    Guess who else does. People like us. Lots and lots of people like us.

    Their content costs a lot more to make than similar content made by hobbyists and fans, and the quality isn't that much higher. Certainly not enough to monetize enough to pay those salaries.
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    I understand from GT fans I follow that the cancellation was so sudden and so many videos have already disappeared that some of their work may not be archived. Which is disappointing.

    But, Rym, you are correct. Content-producing had a boom where it paid for people's lives, and it's slowly dialing back. The few people who can be successful are stabilizing and finding the people who are willing to fund them. Sometimes it's private funding, other times it's working for a company. Essentially, successful full-time content-creators are either TV personalities on the internet, or people with devoted cult followings. I don't think we'll see anyone outside of those two categories last for more than a number of years.
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    Gametrailers died I while back. Before ever listening to Geeknights I used to listen to a show called Invisible walls on Gametrailers, also GTTV.

    Following the guys who ran the shows, it was becoming clear that Gametrailers were having trouble monetising the website. (sidenote my adblocker was in the 1000s, every time I visited).

    As soon as those shows stopped running, and those hosts left, there was no reason to go to gametrailers. Trailers can be seen on YouTube...

    The actual content creation stopped when the creators left/ fired etc.

    Shane Satterfield now runs a games community website, subscription based with Marcus Beer and Michael Pachter

    Ryan Stevens has a gaming podcast

    Not sure what Geoff Keighley is doing these days.

    So, it's the same issue like Twitter. Monetising... Gametrailers fucked up, because of corporate BS. Now the actual content creators are finding their own ways of sustaining what they do.
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  • Geoff Keighley is doing his own thing. He's basically floating around on pet projects. He runs the video game awards. He also is working on this thing where he does extreme longform journalism, like being embedded in a game dev process, and packages it all up in a multimedia/storytelling app. That effort seems to be a bit of vaporware though? I think he did one for Portal 2 and it's been mum since. He also gave a lame PAX South keynote in 2015 which is sadly how I know most of this.

    I remember back when I was an MTV employee I was so surprised to find out that GameTrailers were also owned by Viacom. We were co-workers, and I didn't know it. My boss asked me to reach out with them and help plan NYCC coverage. It was unexpected, and I also was like... "isn't that just a website for watching trailers of games...?" I figured they died out when Viacom totally burnt down all of its digital content divisions, but it turns out they just got gutted that year, and the corpse shambled on until now. I guess the clicks ran out.
  • Ironic its on Kotaku, who might have to do the same thing lol
  • I think everyone might have to do the same thing
  • Introducing my Gofundme: "I can't pay my rent."
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