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Live at MAGFest 2016

GeekNights will be live at MAGFest 2016! Rym and/or Scott are on six panels this year! And we'll be spending the rest of our time in tabletop, the arcade (possibly DDR at 4am or so), and playing some Eclipse.


ESports: Do they matter?
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 789


Designing Game Rules


MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 789

The Far Future of Gaming


MAGES 1 - Chesapeake GHI

Atari Game Design


MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 789


All things CCG, LCG, TCG


Forum - Chesapeake JKL

Overly Complicated Board Games: Phase One: Planning


MAGES 1 - Chesapeake GHI

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  • they matter?
  • Andrew said: they matter?

    I'm sure there will be some doofus on the panel saying otherwise.
  • The moderator was partially inspired by our "Sports are Games" lecture at PAX. I saw the slides: I think it'll be a good talk.
  • I actually think e-sports matter, but that could be a different matter altogether.
  • Wait you are on Part one of the board game panels but not the second one?
  • I didn't realize it had been publicly announce (I guess it was a while ago) but our parent company Turner is trying to hop on the bandwagon with eSports by hosting live tournaments on TBS.

    It was kinda cringeworthy how out of touch the people giving the announcement were. Which makes me think the whole thing is likely to crash and burn, but who knows.
  • I'm glad this got published, Guidebook is useless when searching for Geeknights or either of your names.
  • Aww, I might miss the beginning of Designing Game Rules due to the MAGOlympics. Is Overly Complicated Board Games going to be silly or serious?
  • Overly Complicated will be a little silly, but also serious talk.

    I should have video of Designing Game Rules from PAX South sometime in the next few weeks.
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