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GeekNights Tuesday - Helldivers

Tonight on GeekNights, we dive into HELL with Helldivers. But first, our GMR game of Civ V continues with a discussion of Scott's economy, you can't sell games for $6.66, the Make War Not Love 3 bundle is $0.00, Hustle Cat is on Greenlight, your controller might not work with Street Fighter V, and we're going to be LIVE AT MAGFEST!

Also check out the GeekNights Patreon: the first Utena video has been released!

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  • Nobody expects the Rochelle Mantanona.
  • (listen to the Patreon credits)
  • Ooh. That's right.
  • I hope RENEE FROM NEW ZEALAND!!! comes to PAX AUS, I like her enthusiasm.
  • Lol. Just listened. I know I didn't donate twice. If I did, oh well.
  • I'm hoping someday Scott Also Eats Poop.
  • Starfox said:

    I'm hoping someday Scott Also Eats Poop.

    ?but why
  • edited February 2016
    It's Rene, not Renee, hence I am not a girl :-)

    I would friggin love to go to PAX. Would probably wait until Scott goes so I can play a game of Netrunner with him. It's one of my small goals in life, lol.

    Oh yeah: WOT book 9. At least read the last chapter. Its pretty awesome.
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  • WoT apparently gets better after 9, I recall it getting a bit better but I stopped waiting for the Sanderson books and I haven't gotten around to reading them. I only recall actually getting excited in the last few books I read.
  • If you're going to skim one of the WoT books, or read the spoilers, then book 10 is the one to do that with. It's mostly setup for the big push to the end, and there are only a few notable events that occur (There might be a firing of Chekov's Axe). But once you get to book 11, it's a crazy avalanche of revelations and crazy exciting stuff that carries right through the end. So if you've made it this far, just commit to the end.
  • Agreed. At this point, you're in the home stretch. Just power through nine and ten. I guarantee you'll like the speedup that happens once you hit eleven.
  • I am SO down to commit some hell dives
  • I may well dive into hell tomorrow night, and extensively this weekend.
  • "Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes." Actually no don't do that. Shoot them at them as far away as you can.
  • I am extremely interested in this game. It seems to be "my jam" on multiple levels. I can guarantee I will be playing it at some point. However, that point probably won't be when you fine folk are playing.
  • I'm surprised at how into this game you guys were. I kinda got bored with it pretty fast.
  • MATATAT said:

    I'm surprised at how into this game you guys were. I kinda got bored with it pretty fast.

    The only fun thing is the coop with friends, beyond that it becomes super boring.
  • Yes. Play with friends until you've exhausted it. It's got maybe as many hours in it as FFCC did.
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