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White noise and other distractions

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I posted this on my twitter a couple weeks ago, but it's just so fn awesome, I figured it was worth posting here, too. If you're into noise makers, is the most professionally compiled, high quality, diverse collection I have ever found. It also has a meditation room & animate option for each sound group, so you're not listening to the exact same thing. Be sure to do the calibration before listening. I donated within a day of listening, and I can be a stingy fuck. I really like the tonal drones, like the singing bowls -- it's very rare to find long, quality recordings of singing bowls that don't have some random frog sound thrown in. But nothing is stopping you from listening to frogs if that's your thing.

Oh yeah, they are all tuned to the same key so that they can be layered seamlessly.

Anyway, here are some custom sound gens (5 layered sounds, donator only) I've set up:
I recommend putting all on animate except the aural scan.

Here's an extra for fun:
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  • I can see the attraction for this, especially as I tend to use game, movie or TV show sound tracks as background noise when I'm coding or studying.

    There's no lyrics that I can hang on to as most of my music I have trained myself to pay attention to lyrics and rhymes.
  • Spotify is actually. Treasure trove of this sort of thing. Love me some ocean sounds.
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    I've been trying the Sleep With Me Podcast. It's pretty good.
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  • I used to play this on loop everywhere, but I'm preferring this super generator! Thanks for the share.

  • Oh hey someone renamed the Daft Punk thread :P
  • Top Gear India special, I'm not joking. Stick that one on and I'm out like a light. I tried some of the background noise ones but it messed with my head to much. I ended up focusing on the noise trying to find the pattern.
  • Andrew said:


    Apreche said:


    Thing is, mynoise is way more extensive and customizable. Cave water, coastline, crystal stream, dark water, intertidal, ocean waves, & water stream are all unique sound sets for water not including rain, with multiple sliders depending on whether you prefer the gurgle of the water, to the waves on a pebbly beach, to the waves crashing on a cliff, to the (multiple frequencies of) wind. Do you prefer your water noise in a cave system, next to a boat, on the Irish coastline, or somewhere off the Pacific? Or combine them to your taste? Plus, you can use the h20 magic generator for a unique water experience. And, extra bonus, because it's primarily generated, it uses minimal data compared to streaming.
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    The splashing noise made me really uncomfortable and I don't understand why.
  • I've not been the biggest fan of just pure white noise or ambient sounds. I have been dabbling with ASMR vids on the youtubes as a sort of background noise thing, but other than a few reliable creators, the scene can be sketch as fuck, and people typically get ridiculous with the role play aspect which... is not the point I don't think. It can sometimes work but usually I don't want to hear a bunch of talking and plot...

    So a random sound effect generator would be nice, something that produces tapping and breathing and intensified sounds, whispers and what not, without the rants and ravings and mental distraction of plot. I noticed an ASMR whisper setting on the mynoise site, maybe the paid version has more effects to boot. Gonna have to dig in.
  • SWATrous said:

    maybe the paid version has more effects to boot. Gonna have to dig in.

    So a huge amount of the site is available for free. Donating will get you the ability to layer the different generators & to use the magic generators which make permutations based on similar generators. It also unlocks the "meditation room" setting which I like as a more subtle way of introducing variation to the sound. ASMR generally creeps me out, but the ASMR voices is pretty good. The atmosphere generators are pretty interesting too, with the church or the restaurant. I particularly enjoy the clockwork generator, with just the grandfather pendulum & nothing else.
  • Actually starting to use air force radio chatter now as background noise. It's surprisingly awesome.
  • Andrew said:

    air force radio chatter now as background noise

    Should be background to a Cloudkicker song.
  • I use rainymood once in a while. I mostly used it when I need something in the background when I was studying but music was too distracting. For years I couldn't sleep without a fan because I've had tinnitus pretty much my while life (probably my tmj) but I've mostly gotten away from that. Now I mostly use music for background noise and its usually stuff I've listened to a million times because I tend to do that with music, so I'm not really "missing" anything
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