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Mr.Period or whatever you call him

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Is it just me, or is that guy who corrects everybody's grammar really annoying?

If he is, then whatever you talk about, please don't use correct grammar.It should be our own problem if we use incorrect grammar, so stop correcting our grammer it.

Correcting grammar should be our own problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • thers ne mesin whit teh period!

    he teh 1337><0|2!
  • Don't taunt happy fun ball.
  • But what if you don't know you have a problem? Mr. Period is a friendly(rarely hostile) reminder to always use that 'lil "Check Spelling" button in the corner so that people know what you are saying.
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    Yeah, I know, but, like, let's say you say "u r cool:" everbody knows you're saying "you are cool," and there's no point in correcting people's problems. You should let them correct their own problems. and If you don't like it when people use incorrect grammer, then make your own discussion.
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  • I suggest you read the forum rules. Our forums are very different from other forums on the Internet, and the majority of the people here like them for just that reason. Mr. Period is our head forum moderator, and he is doing his job. If you can't follow them, then you should probably relegate yourself to just listening to the show.
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    Oh shit, we have another "Flamming Geek" on our hands...

    (Runs to pull the forum alarm)

    EDIT:Btw Mr. Period, you missed a couple on that second post. Maybe you are losing your touch... :p
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  • I'd like to second that emotion, Mr. Period. Good God.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Period for his services. Bravo kind sir, bravo.
  • Tanmannaruto, I find your lack of proper grammar and spelling disturbing. Your posts were pustules of idiocy growing on the fair skin of our forum, an eyesore to all those that gazed upon them. Your misspellings were neither witty nor amusing, simply serving to obfuscate the meaning of your messages and illustrate your ignorance. If you wish to disprove this conception of your intelligence and eloquence then I suggest that you make further posts which contain a modicum of proper English reading and writing comprehension and application.
  • Your posts were pustules of idiocy growing on the fair skin of our forum, an eyesore to all those that gazed upon them
    Uh oh, now you've gotten him mad.
  • I thank Mr. Period. Then again, I would thank the leader of any totalitarian state for fear of reprisals.
  • I, for one, welcome our Mr. Period overlord.
  • Correcting grammar should be our ownproblem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ah, but your bad grammar is not just your problem it affects all of us. Mr. Period really isn't nitpicky, you can use vernacular, like "u r cool", but if you are using proper words use them correctly. If I can't understand what you are trying to say how the hell am I meant to have a conversation with you!

    Long Live Our Glorious Overlord.
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    Mr. Period is the manifestation of the L33t grammar god.

    The bad grammar on my first post was used on purposed.
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  • Frankly, I'm glad that y'all have people to correct spelling and obvious grammatical mistakes/foolishness.

    Ya get pretty damn sick when ya have to see thread after thread of "lolomgz liek d00d du u l13k muuudkipz?!11111" all over the Internet.

    Kudos to Mr. Period for bringin' da hammer down on illegible posts.
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    I like the "Proper spelling and grammar enforced hilariously" rule so much, I use it on my own forum. It's an easy way to get rid of the undesirables too.
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  • Mr. Period is shrouded in mystery...
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    Personally, I approve of Mr. Period. However, I'm curious how Mr. Period differentiates between the various forms of English, for example the suffix -ise [British] and -ize [American] or spelling colour with a u, as it should be. On a side note, anyone who spells laser with a Z needs to be shot.
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  • He and WiP tend to only go after people who make annoying and repeated mistakes.  The key word there is annoying.  English-language variations, preposition-ended sentences, 13375P34k, and the like are pretty-much OK.
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    No, I am Mr. Period!

    EDIT: It's Spartacus, people. Some of you might be too young to get the joke.
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    There was that Burger King spoof.
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  • But unlike Mr. Period, WiP also leaves a reminder on some, such as "Link your URLs", and participates in discussions. (I personally turned the text red, so....yeah.)
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    Without Mr. Period I wouldn't catch my silly homonym mistakes. Thank you Mr. Period! You make the Internet smarter.
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  • English-language variations, preposition-ended sentences, 13375P34k, and the like are pretty-much OK.
    As long as the 1337 is used in an ironic fashion. But I suppose that's a given...
  • First off, I salute Mr. Period. Furthermore, that has to be the most fitting avatar I could imagine for you.

    I got that Jason, clever clever. Too bad in the end he got nailed.


    ...too riskay?
  • All hail Mr. Period. Long live the Period! Long live the Period!
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