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Thank you Zenkaikon 2016!

Live at Zenkaikon

We did three panels/lectures at Zenkaikon 2016 this past weekend! Here are some notes/links that may be relevant!

Analyzing Anime: Utena
Our youtube show: GeekNights Presents: Utena

Practical Game Theory
Two paired lectures on the topic we did at the Penny Arcade Expo:

Also cheers from Anime Boston!

We did five live shows at Anime Boston 2016! We don't have video of the new panels up yet, but see below for some slides and related videos in the meantime.

Role Playing Anime

Slides from the panel

Lecture from PAX Australia

Judge Anime By Its Cover
Video from 2013

Motivational Anime
Slides from the panel

Source Link


  • I mean wasn't it four, because we did a "How to Run an Anime Club Panel"?
  • I didn't have any followup notes for that one, so I didn't keep it in the news bit. ;^)
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