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GeekNights Monday - HFS+

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about Scott's opinions of HFS+ and case-sensitivity. In other news, appears to finally be on the long grim road toward death, Scott has replaced it with Pinboard, the main danger of Augmented Reality Forks is poop-flavor hacking, and the AP no longer capitalizes Internet.

The GeekNights Patreon is so close to its first goal that Rym is going to publish (soon) the first ever episode of GeekNights: before the October 31 2005 official beginning!

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  • RymRym
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    I mentioned them briefly, but allow wikipedia to regale you in the horrors of the Wintel modems.
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  • DRM Cookies XD
  • I'm finding it hard to believe that you have opinions about HFS+, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
  • So, from what I remember from a vaguely recalled article I might've not read, what it is is that NTFS itself is case-sensitive, but the Windows API and Explorer smash case when presenting things to the user and programs for historical reasons. So, case distinctions are preserved, but ignored.
  • Speaking of digital taste...

  • This episode was a quality Scott episode.
    Can we get more quality Scott episodes?

    Also the episode made me understand why half the written apps and scripts just fail on Linux or Windows after being written on OSX.
    I thought Linus was going overboard but after reading the wiki article it makes sense.

    Maybe do more episodes on computer science / infrastructure / networking / OS problems. Seems better than tech round-up.

    Also Steve Wozniak never really gets the public props he deserves.
  • Abv. = Abbreviations
    MI = Michigan
    MS = Mississippi
    MO = Missouri
    MA = Massachusetts
    MN = Minnesota
    ME = Maine
    MD = Maryland
    MT = Montana
    MX = Mexico
    ASS = insufferable pedant
  • ASS also stands for Acronyms Seriously Suck, per Elon Musk.
  • God dammit @Rym I just got that song out of my head.
  • God dammit @Rym I just got that song out of my head.

    Waddle waddle.
  • It would be kind of interesting to hook up Pinboard's archiving system to the Internet Wayback Machine. As soon as someone requests a snapshot of a site, the IWM pulls a copy as well, as it might be a source of interest later on if it gets changed or pulled or whatnot.
  • As the resident git guru at work, I occasionally have developers referred to me.

    Guy claims he has a problem with a repo. Git says there are changes when they're aren't. I clone the repo—no problem. We poke at it for a few minutes, and I keep digging. It turns out, he does most of his development on Windows. I reboot to look at the share from Windows and… did you know NTFS/SMB can sometimes be case insensitive? Turns out, there was a foobar and a FooBar which were distinct subdirectories in Linux but which were masked in Windows. At least, Explorer or whatever would only show one of them, and ditto whatever build tool he was using.
  • Could using the "augmented tastality" still have some of the same problems as some diet sodas though? One of the issues with things like aspartame is that your body thinks its getting a bunch of sugar, and then isn't so then your body craves calories which is one reasons we see a bunch of fat people drinking diet coke and eating a bunch of McDonalds. If I drink sugarless coke with an augmented straw, would it do the same thing even though there's no additional chemical? My body still experienced a bunch of sweetness without receiving the sugar it expected.
  • Funny: I also visited MoCCAFest this weekend since I was in the area, and I also bought that cat book. It was worth the three dollars I paid for it.
  • Finally an ending thing I recognized.
  • I definitely remembered hearing the ending song but I can't recall if it was Rym using it before or if I've heard it elsewhere
  • random comment on Soylent: it's not food, it's a supplement. which means it's regulated (or not really) like vitamins or homeopathic remedies. there's almost no oversight just by putting the supplement label on it. I believe most meal replacements are in that category.
  • Yeah that's pretty bullshit. "Meal Replacement" sure seems like food to me.
  • Yeah that's pretty bullshit. "Meal Replacement" sure seems like food to me.

    And "Organic" sounds like it should mean something, but it doesn't.
  • Neito said:

    And "Organic" sounds like it should mean something, but it doesn't.

    Yeah, it does (kinda). It just means they had to grow the food the long, slow, hard way. It's also smaller and more expensive than non-organic food.
  • The funny thing is there's plenty of Organic food that is also "GMO." Which makes sense with things like plants made to be less vulnerable to insects or diseases, since you wouldn't necessarily need pesticides (or at least as much). So suck it, hippies.
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