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GeekNights Wednesday - Ace Attorney

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the awful, minimum-effort exercise in mediocrity that is the Phoenix Wright anime: Ace Attorney. It's not even worth watching one episode: it's just a 100% redo of the first game, with shoddy animation and annoying voice acting. In other news, anime clubs are (surprisingly) on the rise, and it's time to renew that Crunchyroll subscription.

The GeekNights Patreon will have a lot of bonus content in the next couple weeks, and we'll be performing Atari Game Design live at PAX East 2016!

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  • Just watch this instead and pretend it's the anime.

  • I said this on the Fast Karate forums but I swear somewhere I read that it was gonna be a prequel story. I know that's not the case though.
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    That video introduced me to Mystery Skulls and I've never looked back.

    Disappointing that the actual anime is bad, though.

    Also, the 5th Phoenix Wright started showing you the crime in a few games, or at least making it 10x more mega obvious.
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  • Luis seems pretty into anime too which I thought was interesting.
  • The only good thing about the anime so far.

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