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GeekNights Wednesday - The Lost Village

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the largely mediocre anime: The Lost Village (迷家-マヨイガ-). It would be great if it were actually a parody of shows like this, but it is unfortunately earnest. Jeff Lemire's Black Hammer comes. The New York Comic Con's professional badges are as scarce as the fan badges (and that's a good thing). Change your passwords.

We'll be performing at ConnectiCon 2016! The GeekNights Patreon marches ever onward!

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  • Also, I think we are the second-longest running anime podcast in the world. We might have the most episodes of any long-running anime podcast too, but I haven't counted.
  • Shouldn't you only count the anime eps :-p
  • you guys do a podcast about anime?
  • You guys do a podcast?
  • I was very disappointed by this anime.
    I must be getting old because I found the characters completely annoying, I wasn't interested in discovering more about them, and it didn't take long for me to lose interest in the village mystery (2 episodes that I struggled to get through).
    On the whole, this anime didn't live up to its intriguing-looking poster.
    Hoping Erased will be better.
  • daromrom said:

    Hoping Erased will be better.

    Erased is fantastic. Emily and I both reviewed it and did a Final Thoughts episode on the Patreon.

  • This show felt like a bait-and-switch. The first episode or two set up spooky survival horror with kids dying, and then everything immediately got happy. I had a twinge of hope when what's-her-face turned evil, but rather than being a plot line that just resolved itself immediately.
  • This show, if it had been parody, could have been brilliant. Instead, it's just earnestly bad.
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