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GeekNights Presents Utena: ep15

GeekNights Presents: Utena
Episode 15

Episode 15 of Revolutionary Girl Utena settles the show in the pattern of duels, fueled by Mikage and the Black Rose, that will carry the rest of the Black Rose Saga season. Anthy is cast in an increasingly sinister light, alongside her brother Akio, while hearts are stolen to fuel ever-more-powerful duelists.

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  • I've only seen this show once, so I accept this is probably a naive view (spoilers, sorta).

    Knowing what I know, it's hard to see Anthy as anything but a victim, and certainly not evil. Acting evil, sure. Why? I don't know, probably the power differential, however, it's not like Akio can do anything worse to her than is already being done. I don't get what compels her to act evil. If it's that she's just evil, I don't see how that furthers what should be her ultimate goal: stopping the thing that's currently happening to her.

    Also if she's just evil, why did the creators even bother to have the thing that's currently happening to her ( the thing that's revealed really really close to the end in her backstory). It could just as easily be evil Akio and his evil sidekick Anthy on their quest for Akio's goal. I'm clearly missing something, huge.

    Unfortunately, watching it again, I don't know, it's a weirdly paced show for me, I can't just solo back to back a bunch of episodes like I can with, most recently Rick and Morty. I have to take this one slow, 1 episode per night, at most. And even that episode, I'm likely to miss a line here and there just because of the pacing. Maybe I'll just do a full all 39 episode rewatch... over like... 2 months.
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