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Book Club - Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood


Several people have been recommending Oryx and Crake to us for some time now, with a fairly recent acceleration of these recommendations. Chicky-nubs sealed the deal. Gene-fueled science fiction dystopia, too-real commercialization of life itself, and a short read to boot, we had no choice but to make this - the first of the MaddAddam Trilogy) our GeekNights Book Club choice.

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  • Now that I've seen the most Broken horse, I picked up and read this. The next Thursday show will be the review.
  • The second book in the MaddAddam trilogy, The Year of the Flood, is my favorite of the three. It serves as a nice counterpoint to O&C. It spans much of the time period as O&C from two women's points of view.

    Pigoons: As if working with pigs and Animal Farm did't give me enough of an aversion to those brilliant and brutal f***ers.
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