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Olympics 2016



  • Joke told at the club by Piff The Magic Dragon that's relevant to this thread:

    "This is America, Piff. We win here. This isn't England. *insert oooooh's and awwwww's from the crowd* Hey, we won some medals, too! Mostly the ones you guys dropped while you were being "robbed"."

    I lol'd
  • My girlfriend suspects doping when an athlete dominates an event. I say training methods are getting better all the time. Team GB dominated the track cycling (literally every team member went home with a medal) for the same reason Team Sky have won four of the last six Tour de France: money and managing marginal gains.

    Here's an interesting story:

    "In track cycling, GB physio Phil Burt and team doctor Richard Freeman realised saddle sores were keeping some female riders out of training.

    Their response? First to bring together a panel of experts - friction specialist, reconstructive surgeons, a consultant in vulval health - and then to ban the waxing and shaving of pubic hair. In the six months before Rio not a single rider complained of saddle sores."
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