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GeekNights Wednesday - Bojack Horseman

Tonight on GeekNights, Rym and Emily review Bojack Horseman. The critics are right, and this show is fantastic, if dark. It's definitely worth watching. The first season takes some episodes to hit its stride, season two is a perfect arc, and season three is a series of largely high-concept episodes.

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  • Great talk Rymily. Nailed it.
  • "Wait a minute... Bojack episode? I highly doubt Scott would watch Bojack. Does this mean... Emily episode? YES!" - My brain at 5:30AM as I stumbled into my car.
  • In a vacuum, is the audio on this episode, as opposed to other recent episodes, better, worse, or the same?
  • In a vacuum, there's no sound on any episode.
  • Have not listened yet, but I've had trouble getting into Bojack. I've seen most of it at this point, but it feels more like something that's noise and filler.
  • Alright, halfway through the episode I can see some differences between my view and your views is that I'm basically oblivious to the animal stuff or any sort of light hearted window dressing. I just see a bunch of contrived characters and awfulness and it's just kinda there. Whereas with Rick and Morty or Venture Brothers I also enjoy the tropes and low hanging fruit.
  • The characters aren't that contrived: that's how a lot of people live their lives.
  • I have the same perspective, It's continued to improve as a program.
    I'm always searching for a way to redeem Bojack but continue to get destroyed by the time the show ends.
    Rym said:

    In a vacuum, is the audio on this episode, as opposed to other recent episodes, better, worse, or the same?

    It was better in quality, slightly cleaner. Way better than previous recordings with Emily (maybe Emily's levels are better set?). Also Rym was less overwhelming.

    braap! braap!
  • I didn't notice any black lung coughing.

    I didn't notice any issue with the audio. It sounds very good to me. If I was forced to say without listening to them back-to-back, I'd say it was better.
  • Every couple of years, I take some reference audio and re-do the entire template for GeekNights episodes. New filters/effects, new pipeline, etc... Sort of a big refresh.

    The template I've been using for a while was made in June 2014, which was a big improvement over the one I'd been using since late 2012. Instead of iterating like I have since I first threw it together for the new (at the time) Mackie mixer, last night I threw everything away and made an entirely new template from scratch, substantially simplifying the pipeline.

    Our pipeline, in the old days, was very complex, and had a lot of scripted automation, nevermind a physical path through compressor inserts and noise gates and such. As of last night, it's basically all live effects against the raw audio input entirely within Audition. One bus for talking (vocal limiting on that one), an SFX channel, a bumper channel, a stinger channel. Separate per-person channels with custom racks all based on a simpler mastering profile. Deeper compression per-person (though not nearly so deep as the old days).

    I could make it much more radio-like and heavy, but I kind of like it sounding more human and crisp than the traditional flat radio voice.
  • Human, please. Overcompressed radio voices can be fatiguing on longer episodes.
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