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GeekNights Wednesday - Queen Emeraldas

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the Leiji Matsumoto Queen Emeraldas manga. It's mostly about strangers giving guns to children. In the news, there's an Astroboy digital CCG that you should avoid, Steven Universe fans that you should avoid, and we learn why Mario was there at the Olympics instead of Pokemon. Also honey and meat, and the Prince Valiant storytelling game (which you should NOT avoid)!

This is our last show before PAX, and we hope to see you there! Support GeekNights on Patreon to get things like Rym and Emily reviewing Kubo and the Two Strings!

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  • The best lemonade shall always be kiwi lemonade. If you want to go crazy with it, add strawberry.

    Sad state of Wildwood with the mid handling of lemonade, at least the fries can not be screwed up.

    Also I have no idea how in the world the projects we loved on Kickstarter works but as of late it us either going with the big no risk projects or crappo under a fancy wrapping paper.
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    At least in PA Dutch country it isn't that weird to slather on some corn syrup onto some fastnachts and eat it that way. Haven't tried it myself but all the old dutchies seem to love it.

    Yeah, that Tezuka CCG is so underwhelming. I was like I'd like a new Tezuka project but this is most certainly not it. How did this get so far, how did anyone think this was a good idea? I feel like this doesn't have a lot appeal for his fans. A lot people were hoping it was an art book which would be neat. But a CCG where you got to keep buying more cards? Ehhhh....

    Yeah, I can't even with the Steven Universe fans. I have friends who refuse to watch the show because the fandom is just to toxic. Like Ponies got inclusivity. Steven Universe fans somehow have take a show with a lot of inclusivity and made on of the weirdly exclusive that pretends to be inclusive. It is so weird.

    On the current season of MLP. I'd say you are right 50/50, maybe a little better than last season for me. Still, good enough that I was to finish watching this season at some point.
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    (YouTube's) Patrick Klepeck got some quotes from the guy who started that No Man's Sky reddit thread that got a lot of publicity. It sounds like the guy is kinda ashamed that so many people ran the thread in such a spiteful direction.
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