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Glorious Tabletop Moments

We have our thread for tabletop nightmares.

How about we share the great moments, the victories.


  • First time I played Hansa Teutonic vs Rym, Scott, ScoJo, And Pence while at ScoJo's. They essentially taught me the standard way of getting extra chits and use roads. I went the Privelgum route, and they weren't paying attention to me as they battled for roads and cities.

    End of game, I won and gave them all the finger.
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    My favorite moments have been with one night werewolf and the Troublemaker role, a mistake a lot of people make in that game is forgetting the powers say "You can" So I generally always say I switched two random people (even if I switched two others) which has led to great instances where I've gotten the werewolf to reveal themselves. The above picture was taken as I crushed the Werewolf who in this case was Patrick.
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  • One of my finer moments was when I was waiting around for FRC members to arrive at a game night at a store and was asked if I wanted to play Carcassonne with so.e expansions.

    I won the game sub optimaly (never used the pig) and came out ahead by over 80 points.
  • The year was 2012. The event was Unity Games. I played a game of Ticket to Ride Europe with my friends David and Owen. We hand out the route cards, and me and Owen start riffing on how essential Constantinople was in real life. This evolved into telling David that all of our routes ended there. Now, after taking an intellectual evaluation, the Special Education teacher declared that David was probably the smartest student at the most prestigious high school in the country -- but David was a dumbfuck. He spent the first half of the game accumulating cards with the sole purpose of blockading Constantinople, in the hopes that it would cripple our routes to such a degree that even with his handicapped start victory would be trivial.

    And so, one hour later, the scores were tallied. I had something like 100 points, Owen lost by a slimmer margin than I was expecting. David scored -14 points. In all my 20 years of board gaming have I seen such a devastating loss.
  • There are so many, but my memory is too awful to write a specific post in this thread. You expect me to remember specific instances of playing a board game? I've played so many?

    Well, actually. This thread encompasses all tabletop.

    "Is up away from the sun?"
  • I've played eight games of Colt Express. I've won all but the first game.

    Anyway, the other night two jugglers came over for dinner. I asked the guy "what is your job?" He said "I teach chess, and I'm a game designer." He's doing a kickstarter launch for his game that mixes beer pong with role playing, and goes to PAX East.

    Once we broke out the Colt Express, I thought "Well, this should be more of a challenge". Juliane's played it as many times as I have too. But I won the second game (once everyone had a game to get the rules straight) with a briefcase, three diamonds AND got the $1000 bonus for most shots fired. In other words, more money than everyone else combined.

    It's a perfect game for playing the players as well as the game itself.

  • My first non-DnD RPG was a game of Paranoia at PortCon Maine. For reasons to bizarre to succinctly explain, we were all out of the compound in the wild, and all of us had betrayed Friend Computer. All except The Repeater, who just kept repeating his mistakes. He ratted us out to the man operating the space station that shot clones to replace us, McGreddy. McGreddy sent down a pod to bring The Repeater up to the space station.
    Our GM turns to The Repeater and says "Now, get in, close the door, hit the button."
    "I get in, buckle up, and press the button."
    *stare of shock and awe from GM* "what?"
    "I get in, buckle up, and press the button."
    Of course, The Repeater died upon the rocket being shot up into space without him securing himself. His clone was awaken on the space station, only for McGreddy to beat him nearly to death with a crowbar for being a dumbfuck.
  • Having Scott and Rym teach me Amon-Re at ScoJo's house and winning the game by a fairly large margin.

    Recently, play "Big Trouble in Little China" Legendary and even though we lost the Scenario, I ended up with a lot of point in the process.

    I also demoed a game of Battle Merchants and ran away with the game, by using bonus cards that just kept adding to each other.
  • First mission of my Shadowrun campaign. It was the starter mission, Fast Food Fight. So the fight breaks out, and the PCs are holding their own, but on one NPC's (I had designed him to be a GMPC or backup character for someone) turn he caps an enemy right in the head. Granted he rolled like a PC to hit and the gangsters were all rolling crappily, but still a OHK is difficult, especially with a pistol.

    So an NPC got the first blood of the campaign.
  • Second game of Wizard, I went into the zone on the final turn, counting all the cards and turned up victorious.

    In Pandante, last game during that night I won with a godly hand that I over celebrated since I lost every game up until that point.

    Winning Sheriff of Nottingham for the first time after playing it about 15 times with different groups of people.
  • My favorite Pathfinder character was a Grippli Inquisitor. At one point, we were trying to take back a holy cathedral from armies of devils and demons.

    On the roof were some petrified paladins. We had an amulet that would restore them, but there was a powerful devil up there. There was also a magical golden orb we could use to blow up some demons knocking on our door in a sanctuary, but that was guarded by a half-dragon monk.

    I suggested a party split. The three useless players (with a get-out-of-jail-free-one-hit-kill item) would go to save the high-level petrified paladins. At the same time, the party Barbarian and some weaker paladins we were travelling with would deal with the monk while I used the orb to rain death on the demon army. Everyone looked at me, wondering if I really wanted to split the party. But I knew it was what we needed.

    And it all worked. I used invisibility to sneak to the orb and start using its magic, all the meanwhile surviving a flurry-of-blows from the monk (and maintaining concentration to use the magic). The Barbarian slaughtered the monk in like, three turns. Meanwhile, the useless party members almost all died, but they managed to restore one paladin and use the super-item to send the high-powered devil to another dimension. I twice-used the orb to wreck the demon army, and the day was won.

    Common knowledge is to never split the party, but we did it and we won.
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    So maybe six months ago, my group and I were playing Ascension (which is very much like dominion with a few new mechanics, such as the center row) and the friends who brought the game were making a huge deal of this new expansion they'd just bought.

    It's got a few nifty new mechanics, such as the transform mechanic where cards you have, when certain conditions are met, can change into more powerful versions of themselves usable immediately upon said conditions being met. And they showed off all the cards that could be transformed into and we riffled through them and were imagining how awesome it would be to pull some of them off. We left those off to the side for players to look at when it wasn't their turn.

    So we settle in to play, and on turn two opportunity strikes and I take it, grabbing a key combo piece (which allowed you to acquire cards from from the center or the top of the deck provided you'd already played a card f the same type that turn. In retrospect this was where the game ended, on turn 2, we couldn't have known this at the time though.

    So my turns start getting combo-y where the three other players purchase things if they can, and defeat things if they can, I'm drawing through my deck and purchasing or defeating multiple things per turn. My turns are longer just because I have more to do generally. I was constantly checking that little pile of transform into cards and seeing what my hand could potentially become.

    So it's pretty much murder, everyone know's I've won the game, and one of the things that symbolize the end of the game happens, and the game continues until all the players have had an equal number of turns. I'm last.

    My final turn is as combo-y as the turns before it, and all the players but me have kinda lost interest knowing full well they'd lost and some even began counting up their score. Others kinda looked through the pile of cards that hadn't gotten their transformation off and there was one super powerful one my friend picks it up and says to my other fiend, at least he didn't get to play this-- she was cut off by me saying "and because I've played a card of every color this turn I get to transform into" the exact card she was holding:

    imageBecause of the actions of my turn up to this point, the center row was nothing but heroes, so I gathered them all up, put them into my hand, which was like refilling the gas tank, I got to use every single one of them, I had to reshuffle my deck 2 more times as I'd drawn through it, racking up points the whole way. My landslide victory score doubled or tripled in one turn. When I was calculating my score, there were not enough score tokens in the game to hold it. My score was higher than the other 3 players in the game combined.

    We don't play that expansion any more, it has a propensity for my bullshit to work, with only a little bit of luck.

    They also confirmed that I'm more than happy to run the score, just to see how high I can get it. Sportsmanship is for outside the game.
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    Some time last year, I was out visiting a friend of mine. He's a professional timber framer and historical structure restoration specialist; his primary focus is colonial and pre-colonial Dutch timber-framed structures.

    He's got that old-school tradesman cool about him.

    We spent the day making maple syrup, splitting wood, discussing hop planting strategies, and contemplating building a reciprocating spring pole lathe.

    We ended the evening playing a 4 hour game of chess (ending in a stalemate) while drinking 20 year old single malt and discussing the finer points of millwrighting - in particular, carving millstones and proper choice of stone.

    It was probably the most refined evening of gentlemanly activity I've ever experienced.
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  • A few years at a local game store a guy brought in Bruxelles 1893 for the weekly board game night. It was everyone's first time playing the game. After having the rules explained, I declared that I would be lapping the score board. Everyone thought I was joking, but they weren't laughing at the end.
  • "Sibyl, with your dinky pistol, from across the street and a floor up, through the fire and the flames, you have killed Don Fratelli. Congratulations."

    On my table, the mage geeks YOU!

    Also, sniper had a glorious shot from two floors up with partial cover thanks to the angle and headshot the last mook on the map. Also through the smoke of the previous explosion.
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