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Android Emulators

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So yesterday I was trying to figure out how to download videos I bought on Google Play. I can download videos on my phone but I can only stream the videos on my PC. I came across a post mentioning the only way to download videos from Google Play was a program called Bluestacks. Did some more poking around and learned about Android emulators. There are quite a few of these emulators out there and I'm currently giving AMIDuOS a try. It's working great so far. Google recognizes the emulator as a tablet device. Played a game of Carcassonne and was able to download a video to my PC. I can only watch the video through the emulator though. Which is fine with me.
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  • I thought Google Play videos were linked to YouTube...?
  • Yeah Google Play videos link to YouTube. I hadn't really thought of downloading the videos through YouTube. Might give that a try. The Android emulator is great though I like being able to play my mobile games on my PC.
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