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GaymerX East Coast

I just saw this online and was wondering if anyone knows if this is something to go to. GaymerX has Z good reputation but as an out of state person that would need crash space if I did go, wondering if I should apply some panels.


  • Rym wants to go. I'm down, I just want to confirm that us straights are welcome.
  • The web site is pretty clear. LGBT is the theme, but it's specifically open to all, which is kind of the point.
  • It appears that I will be running some ACTION CASTLE at the event (so far). Now to figure out how to get to NYC and find a couch to crash on.
  • Well it appears I will not be attending to this event this year, my talk got canceled and due to me not having a computer or cell phone for the past few days missed my opportunity to get a ticket. Have fun guys.
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