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GeekNights Tuesday - Civilization VI Initial Thoughts



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    Upon testing, the T4 ranged unit I had was able to Ranged Attack and Fortify in the same turn with the unit icon showing up as a shield for Fortify, but it didn't gain any HP that turn. Similarly, when I upgraded units without moving them they also didn't gain any HP. I would assume that promotions work the same way, in that you only get the 50 HP from promoting but not the tile-based HP for healing.

    Thus I am led to surmise that the prerequisite for healing is you can't take any actions at all, whereas a unit is allowed to fortify as long as it doesn't move or attack (or pillage?). However, I think it would be useful to test in-game whether you're actually getting the defensive bonuses when you Fortify and Promote/Upgrade/Ranged Attack in the same turn.

    Also, unlike in Civ 5, it appears that cavalry units in Civ 6 do indeed obtain defensive bonuses from terrain. They also seem to be able to Fortify, which I'm not sure about. Is it a bug? The manual says cavalry is only supposed to Sleep rather than Fortify. As above, I think it would be useful to test if fortified cavalry units actually get the defensive bonus. I don't think I've ever seen the AI fortify a cavalry unit, for one thing.
    Apreche said:

    I think it's clear that at this point there is no entirely consistent set of rules for unit control because the interface is fucked the fuck up.

    The UI is definitely inconsistent and buggy, but there's still plenty scope to figure out how things work under the hood and/or how they're supposed to work.
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  • In other news, Civilization VI has already had a significant patch; see the patch notes here.
  • Looks like a lot of great fixes. Auto cycle units now in the options menu.

    Sadly, they fixed an exploit I was using. Surround a city with ranged units and keep firing even if the health is at zero. Youll keep getting XP and level up all the way. I guess I can't do this anymore.
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    • Added UI to show the next tile a city will grow to.
    Needed, but it still doesn't seem to have a way of telling how you how many turns / how much culture is required for the border expansion to happen.
    • Added a visual cue for Barbarian Scouts that are alerted to your city.
    This is important since Barbarian Scouts have the (non-obvious) function of spawning a huge barbarian raiding party if they see your city and make it back to their camp.
    • Units may no longer be deleted when they are damaged.
    Interesting; I guess it's to stop you from denying XP to your enemies by deleting doomed units. I think they're probably making this change because it would be way too effective to do this against Gorgo, who gets culture every time she defeats a unit.
    • Reduced the effectiveness of cavalry production policies.
    • Deleting a unit no longer provides gold.
    These two are super important, because before they made those changes the game was completely broken. The cavalry production policy gave +100% to cavalry production, and whenever you deleted a unit it would give half of the production cost in gold.

    In effect, this meant that producing cavalry units in a city and then immediately deleting them would allow you to convert cogs into coins at a 1:4 ratio, and since coins can be used to buy stuff at 4x its cog cost it meant you could just run your entire production apparatus by converting cavalry into gold and buying stuff instead of building it.

    This was particularly broken for Scythia due to Tomyris' power of getting two horsemen whenever she produces one, which meant that she could produce stuff twice as fast by producing and selling horsemen,
    • Units may no longer remove features from tiles that are not owned by that player.
    This is pretty interesting as well; I guess it means you can no longer send Builders to chop trees in the middle of nowhere to speed up production.
    • Fixed an issue where AI would counter gold changes with the change desired, rather than the total amount of gold desired.
    This one was pretty major. You could use it to get pretty much any Luxury off most AI civs for only 1 Gold per turn.
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  • Also, here's some stuff that's important that not everyone may have realized.

    1) Boosts give you 50% (or 60% for China) towards completion of a Tech or Civic, but (as far as I can tell) you're "wasting" part of boost if you receive it when you're already past 50% research on a tech. Thus it can sometimes be worthwhile to research two or even three techs up to 50% without finishing them so that you can get the full value of the boosts.

    Unfortunately, the game mechanics and UI don't seem to offer you a way to research until you hit exactly 50% to avoid wasting excess Science or Culture, so it seems like a lot of the time you have to stop just short of 50% if you want to maximise boost value.

    2) When viewing techs or civics it's important to hover your mouse over the actual tech or civic itself, and not just the icons for the things it allows you to do. Many of them have passive effects which can be important; for example, Military Tradition says "[g]rants flanking and support combat bonuses to all combat units". Also, some Civics will make old policies obsolete in addition to granting new ones, which can be important at times.

    3) The "View Reports" button at the top of the screen is non-obvious, but very useful. The "Resources" tab is the easiest way to figure out what luxuries you have available and how they're being distributed, whereas the "City Status" tab gives you a nice summary of your housing and amenities across all of your cities.

    4) There is actually a basic unit list in this game, although it's totally non-obvious that it's there. Just click on the name of a unit and it will pop up a listing of all your other units.
  • On the issue of using boosts efficiently, this is how I do.

    First, I try to avoid researching something that isn't boosted. I usually plan ahead and boost what I want in advance. If so have to research something unboosted, I see if boosting it is possible. If so, I see how many turns it will take to get the boost and how many turns it will take to research. If I can get the boost before half the turns are through, I just go for it. If it will take more than half the turns, I just switch the research at half the turns minus one. If I can actually finish the research in full faster without wasting time on the boost, I just don't bother with he boost.

  • A really interesting (to me) video about the spacial impossibilities of the architecture in the Shinning.

    The tl:dr is that when making a duke nukem mod for the hotel the designer found that it was impossible, the architecture in the film is impossible. Later research showed that Kubrick did it on purpose to mess with your mind.
  • I've watched so many documentaries on the Shining it's kind of ridiculous. So many little things that I never consciously noticed while watching the movie but really did have an effect on me. Netflix has one that's get's pretty crazy with the theories called Room 137 IIRC.
  • Speaking of the Shining

  • Coldguy said:

    Speaking of the Shining

    Wow! That is amazing. Ok, now someone make a model of Othori Academy ;)
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