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Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker that features speculative fiction with dark and sometimes satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. The first two seasons of the series were produced by Zeppotron for Endemol. The show was first broadcast on Channel 4 in 2011. In September 2015, Netflix commissioned a third season of 12 episodes. The commissioned episodes were later divided into two seasons of six episodes; the third season was released on Netflix worldwide on 21 October 2016. - Wiki

This program is the best thing on TV! Watch it! Let's talk episodes!!


  • I've only watched four episodes, and none from the latest series, but so far what I've liked about all of them is that there's not a big twist. There is a setup, then a question posed, and then the questions are answered by the rest of the story.

    None of the episodes feel like they are playing tricks on you, keeping you guessing what is actually going on until the last two minutes. It's refreshing for a scifi anthology show!
  • Spot on Luke. How it should be.

    All episodes are great, with 2 being exceptional IMO. I'd like to hear more opinions.

    The new season is really good! Hope you enjoy the rest of the episodes.
  • IMO best one I've seen of the six I've seen is #2
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    Naoza said:

    IMO best one I've seen of the six I've seen is #2

    Is the episode name of that one "Playtest"?
    My rankings (very close and difficult to choose from Season 3) -
    1. San Junipero
    2. Playtest
    3. Nosedive
    4. Hated in the Nation
    5. Men Against Fire
    6. Shut Up and Dance

    The first 3 left me pondering the themes brought up for a day or 2 or more after watching them and sparked discussion with others who had watched them.
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  • For Playtest, it was first and foremost a punch in the gut. Depressing as fuck of an episode.

    Then there was so much to talk about. Look at how they use gestures for everything. Look how they purchase everything. Why is everyone on bikes? Is it post apocolypse? Is everything just fine and is it just dystopic? Did they get to this point voluntarily? So much going on here.
  • So much to talk about...

    Has anyone managed to watch season 1, 2 & Christmas special?
  • sK0pe said:

    6. Shut Up and Dance

  • I've watched all of Black Mirror, and really, only one of the episodes is lame enough to skip.
  • I've watched all of Black Mirror, and really, only one of the episodes is lame enough to skip.

    Which one?
  • The Waldo Moment. Every character in it is too obnoxious to care about.
  • Yeh, I get that. Still, pertinent theme.
  • The Waldo Moment. Every character in it is too obnoxious to care about.

    Yeah that's the only one I never finished. I'll come back to it eventually but its definitely not the best episode.
  • We tuned out and watched San Junipero last night, after things started going south in the election returns. The only bad thing about that episode is that I won't be able to get the electoral college map out of my head.
  • Fantastic show.

    I am really impressed how on the pulse of current fears of technology they are and still manage to create entertaining episodes. The previous anthology "what if" shows rarely were able to do both of those things at the same time.

    It really feels like the "1984" of television, except instead of needing to wait 40+ years, some of this is taking place now (citizenship points in China), could actually take place, or really isn't that unrealistic.

    I can't recommenced this enough to anyone who has ever enjoyed a dystopian work and has a technological bent.
  • I think what I like about the show is that it shows potential dystopic horrors of technology without coming off as some kind of anti-technology propaganda. The third episode was definitely the most pertinent, because its not some potential "what if things keep progressing in a particular direction years from now." It could happen right now. People already blackmail others pretty horribly over the internet, so its only a matter of time before people take it further and further.
  • Why didn't anyone say Black Mirror was scored by Clint Mansell until now?
  • Black Mirror episodes turned into 'Golden Age' comic covers by artist Butcher Billy.

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