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John C. Dvorak's Take - The Millennials Generation


  • John C. Dvorak is still alive?
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    Ah yes, John C Devorak, the man who thought that the computer mouse was a dumb idea, and was never going anywhere, and thinks everything is a NWO or left-wing conspiracy, and can't shut up about how Sarbanes-Oxley(A law intended to protect smaller investors and criminalize certain types of corporate misconduct) is the worst thing ever.
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  • I just like hearing him complain about things.
  • I just like hearing him complain about things.

    In his favor, I'll say he's at least more level-headed, sane and reality-based than his co-host.
  • Oh for sure, maybe by orders of magnitude. Dvorak might say something is like CIA disinfo and you might think "ehh, maybe?" but Curry is straight up Illuminati Chemtrails.
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