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GeekNights Monday - Building a Computer: End of 2016



  • Rym said:

    Because HDD doesn't stand for Hard Drive. It stands for Hard Disk Drive.

    Like a USB disk?
    Don't get cute.
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    Rym said:

    I type on Blues and love it. At work, I type on Browns and they're OK...

    Can't game on Blues though.

    So would you say it's less a case of the Reds being bad for typing than it is a case of the Blues being awesome for typing? Or are you inferring, without having tried them, that the reds will be unusable for typing because the browns are merely OK for it?
    I've found the black switches are the good middle point for both lots of typing and gaming. Nice and heavy for feedback, satisfying tap when they bottom out, but without the clicky detent that I find kind of annoying for large amounts of typing.
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  • Rym said:

    Like a USB disk?

    USB disk is just a bad term. I'd call it a thumb drive or flash drive or USB drive. Or maybe a USB stick. Unless it's a USB external disk drive maybe.
  • I've never heard the term "USB disk".
  • OS on an EEPROM would be interesting.
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