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GeekNights Wednesday - Trivia Challenge

Tonight on GeekNights, for some reason, we do a versus trivia challenge. No, for real, that's what this show is. In pretty big news, Netflix now has an offline mode, and this is game changing in ways you may not realize, and Nintendo theme parks are coming.

The GeekNights Patreon has, among other things, the remastered "beta" episodes of GeekNights (with commentary). And we'll be live at PAX South and MAGFest!

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  • I've got a work trip coming up tomorrow, with two transatlantic flights. I added four movies, two comedy specials and two seasons of TV shows to my phone.

    Thank you, Netflix!
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    Normally I'm not a fan of most of the stinger material but I'm pretty into that All Your Base Rhapsody.

    Also I don't think I ever finished either of the first two Paper Mario games. I never owned the first until recently when I got the virtual console version with some Nintendo Coins when they were still active. Thousand Year Door I got about half way through and never finished for some reason. The only one I've finished so far is Sticker Star and that was pretty decent.

    I've actually started playing Color Splash recently and am actually really enjoying it. If you're looking for an RPG that doesn't require grinding that so far is a pretty great one. However I struggle to call it an RPG because it has a similar battle system to Sticker Star. That is, it uses a disposable resource system to do the battling. People FUCKING HATED that aspect of Sticker Star since they were still looking for that more standard JRPG fare. It ends up having more in common with like the older point and click style games where you need an item to progress. Sometimes they're a little obtuse in their logic regarding what item is needed, and it sometimes takes some searching to figure out what you're supposed to be doing.

    The main gripe with such a system seems to be that sometimes you're forced to use an important card to get though a battle. This was somewhat of an issue in Sticker Star because they didn't provide you an alternative and you had to resort to using those stickers. It required some planning to make sure you had the righ types of stickers moving forward. They addressed this somewhat with Color Splash where they provide you with a roulette style system to instead spend coins to retrieve cards. I've only had to resort to this once so far, and it was still a tad painful. The enemy I was facing I specifically had to use fireballs to move past and it took me a few turns to actually realize that. Having wasted the one that I had I ended up spending coins to roulette, using a second set to slow down the wheel, and basically selecting the fireball at that point. But other than that I haven't had an issue with not having enough attack cards. You just need to stock up on them before you go to the next level.

    However all that being said, apparently there is some bullshit later in the game with Kamek where she will hide and shuffle your cards. So that might lead to some frustrations where you end up inadvertently using a Thing card (as they call the special cards) which may mean that you need to back out of the level and gather some more.

    The one major criticism I've mostly agreed with is that the game really doesn't have any of the unique characters that any of the previous games have had. Pretty much all the characters are color variations on Toads. The only difference beyond pallete swaps I'be seen is a couple characters at the start have like weird keys sticking out of their heads. It's kinda lame, but the writing makes up for a lot of that sort of stuff.
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