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GeekNights Thursday - Concerns of the Bathroom

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the concerns of the bathroom. I'm not even joking. In the news, Made is coming (finally) before Big Bang joins the army, United is going to charge coach flyers for using the overhead bin, and we'll be live at PAX South on Friday!

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  • My Mother is the worst over packer ever. My parents took me on a cruise, which is very nice, but they are the worst to travel with. They bought me some luggage because I didn't own any. It is a pretty reasonable mid sized bag. My Mother? The largest size you can get. But that still wasn't enough, I found her unpacking my bag and packing her clothes into mine. So, I had to take half the clothes I was planning to. I can't even tell you how much luggage (because of my Mother) we had to drag around it wasn't even funny.

    I went to Japan recently and I took and overhead bag and and empty bag that I checked. That way I figured if my checked bag got lost (I took a cheap Chinese airline) I still had all my clothes and stuff. Turns out the airline was much nicer then I thought it would be and everything was fine. And the empty bag was super useful in taking all my swag home.
  • Ack, I thought I would be able to edit my original comment. Sorry, for the double post. So, I have very, very curly hair. I do what they call no poo or co-washing. Basically, I don't use shampoo and only use conditioner. Curly hair tends to be really dry and if I only used shampoo or no product I'd just end up with insane 80s frizzy hair. Also, forget the recommended amount they suggest on the bottle even with ear length hair I am using tons of it. At one point my hair was down to my butt if it was pulled it straight, I can't even tell you how much conditioner I was going through to just even manage it. Because without it, the hair would become a dry tangled mess.
  • Any Original Source body wash and loofah on a long arm to get the dead centre of my back. That area needs special attention after all the sweat from cycling. They all smell amazing. Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. I have long hair and those bottles last forever.


    Road sign design hasn't really changed.

    Black Mirrors' Charlie Broker- 2016 Wipe should be just around the corner.

  • If you guys are talking about pooping without me, I am sad.
  • So there is a name for that weird dandruff I get! As a dude with long hair, solid hair tips Rym!
    Current workflow is Trader Joe's Conditioner and comb daily, shampoo every 4 to 5 days.
    Cleanser and gentle exfoliant twice daily, followed by moisturizer and sunscreen in the mornings.
    Loofah and some soap if I'm feeling grimey.
  • Rochelle said:

    If you guys are talking about pooping without me, I am sad.

    Poop was not discussed.
  • Yeah it was. The Poop Stop Sign?
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    Oh man, I read Rebecca a LONG time ago. It was probably one of my favorite books in 1995? Thinking back, I'm not sure why.

    Device: Konjac sponge for face, Japanese exfoliation cloth for rest.
    Soaps: Cerave Bar Soap is my go-to (read: quality but not luxury). I buy it at CVS when it's on sale. If you want a luxurious lathery soap, go with quality hard-milled super-fatted bar soap. L'Occitane is usually nice.
    Shampoo: Jason Dandruff Relief once a week for SD, Ryoe JaYangYoonMo, and I'm still hunting for a best conditioner. For a while, I just used this without conditioner -- which worked great (granted, I have teflon hair), until the formula changed and my SD blew up.
    Shop soap: I like Gojo more than lava.
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  • I can see where Scott is coming from for the people who don't use the overhead baggage properly.
    However as Rym says the dimensions are enforced in many places. Our bags are measured by eye and weighed digitally before proceeding I have once tried to sneak in a 12kg of cabin baggage with my laptop because i must have bought some merch at a PAX and had to check it in.

    Shaving Brush
    Simpson Chubby 1 (I'm waiting for the joke, I can feel it simmering in your heads)
    Semogue 620
    Omega travel brush

    Shaving Blades lol you guys stumbled across
    Feather - sharpest, if you find this uncomfortable you're trash at shaving
    Shark or Personna Red - forgiving yet sharp
    Merkur is trash as fuck, uneven along the blade and from blade to blade, dulled after a single shave

    Shaving Soap different soaps feel different
    Mitchell's Wool Fat (British, hard soap) - best protection good for dry skin
    Cella (Italian, soft soap) - fastest and most voluminous lather
    Speick (German, hard soap) - fast lather dries your skin
    Proraso and various, currently trying out the Japanese Katsimori club (not going well lol)

    Shower Soap
    Previously used Johnson & Johnson or Dove liquid soap and a loufa.
    Now use Musgo or Mitchell's Wool Fat bar soaps and my hands (make lather with chest hair)
    (your final 2 minutes of surgical prep when cleaning your hands is just using your hands (prior to final rinse and gloving), you throw away the soap laden sponge after producing enough lather for your wrist and hands)


    Hand Soap
    Refillable liquid soap in a foaming dispenser
  • Been thinking about trying the wool fat bar. Next soap buy.
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