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Halloween Costumes

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If you've got pics/links for Halloween costumes post them here!

My friend won money for this one!


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    Teh Bender. This costume was amazing. He had hooked up speakers and an mp3 player so he could listen to music while in the suit as well and play Bender Quotes. He also had a way to move the eyes and eyelids to create expressions. It was awesome.
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  • I saw somebody at school with an iPod commercial costume today. I'll see if I can find a picture, but the costume was basically two guys with brightly colored pieces of cardboard taped to their backs. They were wearing all black and had iPod earbuds in their ears.
  • Saving this space to post my artichoke costume.
  • HMTK Steve, your friend's costume looks like Tim Curry in Legend. Clix0r for scary pix0r.
  • image
    Here I am having just ripped the half-shirt (and its associated duck brand duct tape) off of my bare flesh before we opened the club libarary after the Halloween COSplay.
  • I swear, if you post another picture on these forums of you without a shirt on, I will personally come over to your house and rip off your chest hair with duct tape.

  • SORROW!... Man, See that Library there. *sniff* I built that Library... *sniff* I miss it so much!
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    So this year I am going as the personification of a 1980's band as a Super Hero. I am Mr. Mister. I carry around a water bottle and mist people. You can't see it to well but I have a half cape (Ala new sooperman) and dangley strap thingies at my elbows. . I also plan on having my iPhone blast "Take These Broken Wings"

    my eyes. I need help to work on my catch phrase! Anyone got any ideas to help with my costume or catch phrase? Any ideas of how to make my logo better? I want this to be as cheap and cheezy as possible.
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  • I think for this year, I'm going to be a dark warrior, where I essentially where a dark cloak and strap on my sword. It's either that, or I'm cosplaying as L again.

    As for your catch-phrase, "There is no other man than Mr. Mister Man"
  • Thanks for the idea sir!! I also decided on going with blue boxers briefs on the outside to match the letters on my chest and the ones I put on my forehead.
  • During the day, I'm going to be Ryu from Streetfighter. At night (Read: at my ballroom dance class) I'm going to be super dapper.
  • I was gonna make a new thread, but good thing there's already one with ~10 posts. Considering getting these:


    For this:

  • Oh man, that costume was so choice.

    Do eeet!

    I am at a loss for this year's outfit, time to start figuring that out.
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    So, I'm in uni now and I figured I'd probably end up at some sort of Halloween event so I should get a costume. I've been thinking it would be cool to go as Cthulhu for a while, but there are no commercially available costumes, and the instructables to make some are ridiculous. So, I found this Davy Jones mask that I'm gonna cut the hat off of and spraypaint green. image
    I'll probably pick up some devil wings or something and paint those green too. Stay tuned. Also, does anyone have any spraypaint tips?
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  • Multiple light coats, make sure to get the right kind of spray paint for the material.
  • Spraypaint tip: Don't breathe that shit even though it smells incredible.
  • My girlfriend's going as Beth Tezuka and I'm a Butter Lettuce Unicorn. I'm only missing the boots (and my pants aren't really shiny).
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    image I was gonna do a swim cap because the hair sticking out is kinda weird but I bought the wrong kind of swimcap and the spraypaint didn't work.
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  • I painted some happy little trees last night.
  • I want to see someone go as stoner bob ross, smoking happy little trees, soothingly teaching you how to roll artistic joints.
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