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GeekNights 061101 - Pataliro

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Tonight on GeekNights, we semi-review the first episode of Pataliro. In the news, Anime Expo unveils a "travel agency," and Satellite Radio comes under fire.

Scott's Thing - Back Before Physics Existed...
Rym's Thing - Simpsons Treehouse of Horror...


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    I've seen Scott's thing of the day several times before. Yet each time I have to wonder, who the hell thought that was a good idea. You can't jump 10 rocket powered Lincoln Continentals!
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  • Scrym, What are your opinions on HAM radio? I'm planning on getting my general class (middle class) license during the break in semesters this year. I think you guys would enjoy the studying and questions involved to get your license... maybe you should look into it.
  • The Treehouse of Horror video was taken off of Dailymotion, with the message "Apologies, this content has been removed because not in line with the terms of service." (Yes, they forgot an "it is" in there...) Presumably someone pulled out the intellectual property beatstick.
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    I found two different opening/endings for Pataliro on YouTube.

    One, two.

    Hahaha, these are ridiculous. Are they actually the same show?

    [edit] Hot damn, I found a clip of Pataliro Saiyuki, too...
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  • Lol, Yuko, omg XD

    There are whole episodes of Pataliro on YouTube! WHOLE EPISODES! Dear god!

    The first ep is on there in three parts; I found it among the related links for the clips Yuko posted. So, if you listened to this episode and want to see wtf is up with this show, go here.
  • You can find nearly all of the latest fansubs on youtube
  • I can't believe I am hooked on Patalliro Saiyuki now, damn you guys! *shakes fist*
  • This is the kind of show I'd be playing back at RIT if I still ran the place ^_~
  • Haha I had so much fun watching this! I rarely enjoy old series but this show is even older than me!
    I didn't know they used to make fun of fangirl obsessions before Ouran and Princess Princess. XD
    Bishonen Killer's eyeshadow was just... too much... Not even I draw my bishies that gay... XDD

    I'm downloading ep2 and Pataliro Saiyuki right now. I'd seen Pataliro Saiyuki around on the aarinfantasy forum but I was never curious enough to find out what it was about.
  • I come back to the show and you guys review the first shonen ai anime. I heard about it when I went to a yaoi panel at anime con in Cincinnati. I never knew it was subbed. Thanks guys!
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