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Mind Game

edited November 2006 in Anime
A friend tossed me this YouTube link to Mind Game, what he described to me as a "stream of consciousness" anime movie. I've only watched part of it so far, but it's very addictive so far. Save for the opening blur, it has an easy sort of pacing to it, a nice calm compared to the hyperactive jolt that makes up a lot of anime. The animation style is interesting too. It ereminds me of Kemonozume but a little higher budget. Check it out.
Mind Game

[edit: Okay forget that bit about the slow pace, gotta learn to watch more of a movie before I start commenting on it...
Now having seen the thing though, its hilarious, and trippy, and colorful, and emotive. If you couldn't tell, I liked it, I liked it a lot. A shame that it is resigned to the lonely feed of a youtube broadcast, but it's definitely worth watching all the way through, if only for the love scene, or the balloon dance, or any of it really. There needs to be more of this sort of experimental mishmash in the world, I figure. Either way, invest your time, comrades, this is something that needs to be watched. ]
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