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Nana (no spoilers)

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Did Rym and Scott mention Nana is being licensed for US distribution?

During the "Nana's Room" segment of episode 25 the voice actor for Nana comes on and talks about the show and whether or not she will remain, is the show in danger of ending early?

I remember reading somewhere that one of the actresses from the "live-action" movie would not be back in the sequel. Does anyone have information on this?

Has anyone heard of what is going to happen when the anime surpasses the manga in terms of episodes to issues? Aren't most anime shows produced after a manga line has stopped or at least produced based on season runs?


  • I don't know the answers to most of your questions, but I bet Google has the answers. As for anime based on manga, it varies wildly. When someone makes an anime based on a completed manga, it's often a direct translation. Death Note is a good example of that. However, this is not always the case. Look at something like Trigun, it's barely like the manga at all. Look at One Piece, the story is almost the same as the manga, but the pacing is way off. In Naruto they put in tons of filler episodes waiting for the manga to continue. For Gokusen the anime, manga and live action are all very different from each other (I highly recommend the first season of the live action Gokusen TV drama). For Initial D they changed the manga's chronology in the first season for greater drama. Fullmetal Alchemist the manga and anime follow along together for awhile, but then they diverge wildly. Don't even ask about Utena.

    When a manga is really good, and you just want to see an animated version of it, this can be upsetting. However, I think of it as a good thing. If all adaptations of a given story and license were identical, there would be no point in experiencing all of them. If the Nana manga and anime were identical, why check out both? Also, what if the anime which comes after the manga diverges, but turns out to be better than the manga it was based on? I can tell you the Trigun anime owns the Trigun manga. The first season of Initial D is also better than the manga. As I said already, the Live Action Gokusen is way better than the manga or anime. This is just the way of things.
  • Steve, to answer your question on Hachiko's actress not being in the second nana is here.
  • This thread freaks me out every day. I call my grandmother Nana and I keep thinking you are talking about her.

    I didn't know she had a licensing agreement in the US, do I get a cut of that?
  • Dude, if you want a piece of your grama ... well, need I say more?
  • Dude, if you want a piece of your grama ... well, need I say more?
    Well I was thinking about money, but if your mind works like that then that's just fine. You're just special.
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