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Good AMVs

edited November 2006 in Anime
Watching that Fellowship of the Newsies video— good god. I couldn't watch past fifteen seconds of that thing. That said, what do you guys think of this "no good recent AMVs" thing? Any recommendations?

Unfortunately, I have no idea how old these are, but some of my personal favorites that I've seen within the past year or so:

Eva Bebop The Cowboy Bebop theme rehashed for Eva. I'm sure everyone's seen it by now. (likely old and I'm just behind the times)
Jihaku (best of you) A 'various' AMV with just about every new anime that's come out in the past 5+ years. Gotdamn. From the credits and the quality of the matting, it looks like it could've been professionally done. (I think this one's only about a year old, but I could be totally wrong here.)


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