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GeekNights 061206 - Anime Clubs: RIT Anime

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Tonight on GeekNights, we begin a hopefully long running series on anime clubs. In the news, 4Kids drops One Piece and Reason has an article on anime fansubbing.

Scott's Thing - The Asian Squat
Rym's Thing - The Truth About Sushi


  • The truth about sushi comes from a show here in Australia called the chasers war on everything.
    Oh and the asian squat was easy.
  • You can download all the episodes of the Chaser's War on Everything here. Thanks to your friendly public broadcaster.
  • LOLOL I'm a Chinese-American who was born and raised in the US and I never noticed until now that the way I squat is different. I so it naturally, the Western style just seems so.. unstable and painful.
  • The Odeo I sent was about 5 seconds...
  • The Odeo I sent was about 5 seconds...
    Odeo says it's 11:13. Of course, Odeo is also broken. Bastids still haven't gotten back to me.
  • Few things:

    1. Cheesecake is a custard. To quote the master Alton Brown, "Think about it. Aside, of course, from the crust a basic cheesecake only contains some sugar, vanilla, eggs and dairy. It's a custard no matter how you cut it. In fact the only real difference between a cheese cake and a cream pie is that most of the dairy of a cheesecake comes in the form of a soft, smooth, tangy, cow's milk cheese containing no less than 33 percent milk fat and no more than 55 percent moisture known far and wide as cream cheese." So it's basically a custard in a pie crust.

    2. I like One Piece, it's one of my favorite animes/mangas. I can understand people not liking it, but I don't understand what you mean by "you got all you needed out of it." And I would recommend that continuing to read One Piece even if you skip the fighting, because the in between bits get really good, especially where it is now.
  • 2. I like One Piece, it's one of my favorite animes/mangas. I can understand people not liking it, but I don't understand what you mean by "you got all you needed out of it." And I would recommend that continuing to read One Piece even if you skip the fighting, because the in between bits get really good, especially where it is now.
    The overall plot, setting, characters and the stuff that happens in between fights is so great. That's why I liked One Piece in the first place. But then I get three or four volumes of fighting the fish man and nothing else happening. Such a great show and manga that is unnecessarily ruined with excessively long, shonen action fights. Hence, I have stopped purchasing every single volume of the manga, and I will only read the important volumes in the store or elsewhere. If I can get many volumes cheap at a con, I might buy them there. Someone really needs to make an abridged One Piece that has just the good parts.
  • Yeah the fighting in the Arlong arc goes on for a while, but after that all the fights actually have significance and show how much the characters grow. Fighting becomes sort of a conduit for change of the characters in the manga. And trust me you need to at least read up through when they get to the Grand Line and Alabasta. By then there are still fights but they tend to be shorter unless it's a really important one, aka Luffy vs main bad guy.
  • I failed at my attempts at the asian squat so far.
  • We've actually dropped the Golden Ticket raffle system... People can now buy any number of tickets, and they're cheaper, though you still have to be present to get a prize. We're also trying out actually listening to people for showings, since the e-board drew a blank when scheduling stuff a couple weeks ago. We'll see how that works out tonight, when we show "Death Note". Bleh. Fanboys. At least I'm safe up in clubspace with the library.
  • You should show something old and classic whenever you draw a blank. I'm taking Tank Police or Patlabor.

    If you haven't shown Phoenix, you'd better. ^_~
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    Hm. I sent an odeo that was only 1:10ish. It either didn't get there, or odeo read it incorrectly.

    The Odeo I sent was about 5 seconds...
    Odeo says it's 11:13. Of course, Odeo is also broken. Bastids still haven't gotten back to me.
    Oh. That could've been mine with an extra ten minutes on there. :-P
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  • Daryl from AWO helped me figure it out. Yes, Odeo is very kabusted. They suck. I am researching new audio feedback solutions other than just e-mailing mp3s.
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    Ahh I finally had time to listen to the entire podcast, great stuff this is exactly the type of ideas I was looking for. On the next installment could you guys do a show about making a schedule? Cus that is the trickiest and most drama-filled responsibility for the officers imo.. You have to balance out the tastes of the hardcore fansub snobs versus the more casual Toonami crowd, old-school vs new school, dub vs sub, and the creepy guys who just wanna watch the boobie shows and are pushing for a Hentai Night..

    Back when I first arrived at college our anime club was pretty depressing, there were maybe 8 members max. Each meeting was once a week, 4 hours long and schedule consisted of 2 shows shown back to back without a break, so 5 or 6 episodes of Show A and the same for Show B. I don't really remember the schedules because I only went once in a while when I had absolutely nothing better to do, the showings were just that bad. I remember they were mainly older shows, some mech stuff and a lot of screwball comedies (Sorcerer Hunters, Nadesico, Irresponsible Captain Tylor). That was all..

    Well after a mini revolt resulting in several 20+ page flamewar threads on the club's message board, a failed attempt to start a second anime club and more e-drama and b*tching then I care to remember, the club held elections and got some new blood including myself and we've started making some changes.

    * Aggressive advertising during the Fall semester to attract the incoming freshmen, we put fliers and posters all over the student union and on the bulletin boards in the main buildings and all of the comp sci and engineering buildings. The stereotype is true after all :^) As a result membership has grown from 8 to around 25/30ish with another 5/10 people who float in and out.

    * A club library was created by the newly created librarian position (me!), we got one of those huge 500 disc binders and a bunch of blank DVDs and I burned all the unlicensed fansubs, AMVs, live action jdramas, Iron Chef episodes, unlicensed manga scanslations on my harddrives.. pretty much anything that could possibly interest an anime geek.

    * However in order to check stuff out from the library you had to become a club member and pay a $10 fee good for a year. This plus money out of the officer's own pockets allowed us to hold..

    * parties! We'd have one at the beginning of the year for everyone to meet the new members, socialize and make friends and whatnot. We'd do the usual stuff, watch anime movies, hold Super Smash Brother, DDR and Beatmania tournaments, order pizza, bring snacks and drinks and play some simple tabletop or card games. We also hold an end of year party after finals are over at a local sushi place that has a karaoke machine.

    * As for our new schedule..

    + I usually arrive around 30-40 minutes early to hook up my laptop to the projector. Some members have started coming early as well and we hang out and watch a random fansub or youtube/flash videos.

    + Random Fansub Slot (1 episode) - Each week t the beginning of the meeting we show a different first episode of one of the latest series from japan. This is for the people who come in late because of work or late classes, they won't miss anything important as well as giving give members a sampling and hopefully members will discover new genres and shows they'd normally never watch. So no Bleach or Naruto type shows will be found here

    + Fansub Slot #1 (2 episodes) - Typically the most popular anime from the previous semester's random fansub slot will get moved up and shown here. This semester's was Suzumiya Haruhi and next semester should be Death Note but since it is probably going to be licensed we're going with Ouran High Host Club.

    + Fansub Slot #2 (2 episodes) - This is reserved for Monster, our long running 74 episode serious drama show.

    + Break (20 minutes but can be cut short if we're running late) - This is our social period where people can get up and walk around, talk, go to the bathroom or the vending and coke machines as well as library checkout time. I don't get much of a break -__-; Nothing is shown at this time, but I'm been thinking about showing eye candy/special effects AMVs or a combination of AMVs and random anime opening and closing clips; anything with music and stuff on the screen to create a party atmosphere so those talking won't be disturbed and those who don't want to socialize have something to watch.

    + DVD Slot #1 (2 episodes) - usually some sort of action comedy and dubbed for our dub fans. This semester was Rune Soldier.

    + DVD Slot #2 (2 episodes) - usually something a bit more serious and with drama. This semester was Princess Tutu ( don't laugh, I thought it sounded pretty stupid but even I was pleasantly surprised. It is actually really really good even though the premise still sounds silly.

    Suggestions, criticism and flames would be greatly appreciated, we're really trying to improve our anime club and never ever go back to the way it use to be.
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