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I was just wondering if anyone has heard of or gone to Icon. It's coming up towards the end of march on Long Island, NY, so i just thought i should draw attention to it. Heres a link:


  • Nope, never heard of or gone to it. Probably wont go because it's a sci-fi con, that's just not our bag. But it's always good to know about more cons in the area in case we want to start hitting up all kinds of cons.
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    It may say that it's a sci-fi con, but it really has everything. Gaming, anime, manga, videogames and most anything else is represented there. I'm not to into sci-fi either, but I have always had a great time at Icon.
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  • Maybe I'll go then. Have to see what else is happening around that time.
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    Just wanted to remind anyone that may want to go to Icon that the schedual is up for it. It's this weekend, March 24-26. It looks like they have some awesome stuff going on.
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