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Episode 63- Katsucon 12

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Since no one else made it yet.

$28 for parking each day? Doesn't even match the crazy shit that goes down here in Daytona when the races hit. Every parking lot becomes a pay lot, and it costs $40 to park in a mall parking lot.


  • In Foxboro, MA where the New England Patriots play football they have the craziest parking you've ever seen. The stadium has exactly one road going to it. It's not hard to get to the road itself, it's hard to get down the road. At the very end are the official stadium parking lots and such. Before you get there there are tons of hotels, lounges, bars, gas stations, etc. etc. on both sides of the road. Every single establishment becomes a pay parking lot with prices growing steadily as you get closer. Imagine having a hotel and you buy an acre of extra land and cut down all the trees just to make a pay parking lot you use 10 times a year maximum. Every game sells out too.
  • Heh... So I paid zero for parking at Katsucon ^_~ Maybe a little shy of $4 if you count my tiny Metro ticket. Also, since the Metro station at which I parked actually had its own exit off of I95, I didn't spend close to an hour lost in DC like some certain other people I know who drove there did... ^_~
  • See you guys got it wrong in the podcast, I didn't pay 120 dollars for parking. I paided 63 for staying Thursday through Saturday. I parked non-vallet at the hotel and got one of the last spots (there were maybe 40 spots total mostly the venders)
    I even told you that at the rest stop Rym. But then I guess we were too busy getting sick. *coughs* Damn Katsuplague!
  • RymRym
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    Heh.. I based my estimate for what you paid on the posted rates of the garage from the Katsucon and hotel websites.

    "The parking company at the Omni also runs the parking lot at the Marriott Wardman Park a block away, and they will be offering about 250 - 300 parking spaces to Omni guests and convention goers a daily rate of $25 for self-park and $28 for valet parking."

    "The Omni has a valet-only parking lot priced at $28 per day."

    So whatever happened, you got off lucky.

    At any rate, I consider my $4 parking teh win, especially considering how I didn't spend all that time driving around lost in DC. ;^) The Katsucon website very strongly urged everyone attending to avoid parking at the hotel itself, and provided piles of information and detailed directions as to how you could park for free.
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  • Scott.... you mentioned that you stayed at home and "enjoy[ed] [your] new towels"... how excatly did you enjoy said towels while Rym was away at the con?

    *thousands of situations involving you and your towels are flashing through mind, and it is downright terrifying and mildly amusing*
  • Um, I washed them and took a shower and dried myself with them.
  • Katsuplague? I demand a sample.
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    If anybody hasn't noticed,Lupin the 3rd: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy is about to be released on DVD tomorrow. I just noticed it in Netflix.
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  • Hey guys, just wanted to compliment you on a very cool podcast. I'm glad you enjoyed the game room this year. It was my staff and I's first year and we had literaly nothing to work with as they had gotten rid of everything from previous years. We worked really hard on it and although there were some mistakes made, we are already working on next year and how to address those issues.

    VIdeotopia is the company that provided us with that classic gaming goodness, if you ever have a chance to check out one of their shows you should definately do it. Shows like the Philly Classic Gaming Expo use their cabinets, and I think Jeff was telling me he has over 1500 cabinets in the warehouse. If I wasn't so busy during the con I would've camped Q-Bert like all weekend. =)

    Glad you guys enjoyed the con overall so much too! =) I'll have to pimp the site a bit more so the other staffers can hear all the good stuff you mentioned. Its a nice change from the many complaints we get on the forums. lol

    I'll be checking out your future shows. If next year rolls around and you guys are still podcasting, maybe you'd like to do a live cast from the game room? We had our own network set up thanks to my second Rez (at least till about Saturday night when things started to get really swamped) and a very nice recording mic that a certain guest was using to record sound for X Strike Studio's new movie. Most of the con guests this year passed through at least once. Joel and Gus from Red vs. Blue, mc chris, Mike Sinternikkalas, (i probably spelled that horribly wrong) so maybe you could get some interviews with those guys.(and you won't have to lament not bringing a tape recorder lol)

    Again, great show and thanks =)

    Aaron Righter
    Video Game Department Head
    Katsucon Entertainment
  • Wow, if this was your first year starting from scratch, I'm even more impressed. Running a game room like that isn't easy (not that I need to tell -you- that ^_~), and you guys did an excellent job.

    I see some people complaining on the Katsucon forums, but they seem to be complaining about EVERYTHING that happened, game room or otherwise -_-. Sometimes I wonder why people like that even bother going to cons in the first place.

    A live show from Katsucon 13's game room would be most excellent, especially since I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I'll be at every Katsucon forevermore: the last two were a blast.

    (As a sidenote, I randomly ended up handling security for Mike's autograph line last year at Katsucon 12. He's definitely a cool guy, but I don't know how to spell his name either ;^))
  • Wow... Philly Classic gaming convention... Going to have to look that one up!
  • Hey thanks for the mention in the NY Comic Con episode and Jeff and Gary from Videotopia say thanks as well. =) Ever since I came across the podcast I've been listening and enjoying it immensely (and been telling a ton of people about it too).

    You know its wierd. I didn't realize how much this sickness is a problem for Katsucon. I saw a lot of shirts last year that had pictures of biohazard symbols that said "Con Staph" on them which probably should have tipped me off, but I believed me getting sick last year was a result of running back and forth between the two hotels we were at in the cold. Still it happened again this year, if only mildy compared to everyone else. Approximately half my staff fell ill and a few other department heads, and that's only people I know. Someone should mention this to a medical journal, get some tests done. Maybe they'll name a new strain of the cold after the con - The Katsuplague =)
  • Hmm, the sickness is interesting. Perhaps it has to do with the time and place Katsucon is held. It's winter in a cold climate. Someone is bound to be sick. Then you throw a whole bunch of people together in a place where they get relatively less sleep. Presence of disease, weakened immune systems, close quarters. I'm no doctor, but common sense makes it out to be a recipe for disaster.
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