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NY Comic-con Sucks

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I got on the 8:50am train yesterday which arrives at GCT at 10:15. The train broke a bit and I got there, 10:30. No big deal. The con opened at 11. I walked over. Stopping at Staples and Book Off on the way.

I got there around 10:50pm, not bad at all. There was a nice sized line for on-site reg, but not even close to Otakon sized. I expected a 30 minute wait. After about 15 minutes a guy with a megaphone said "sorry, the fire marshal said we're full. Nobody else is getting in". I heard that at 12pm even if you pre-registered they turned you away.

Maybe this is why nerdy conventions in New York are never succesful? More on this on GeekNights this week.


  • RymRym
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    Considering that they didn't even let everyone who pre-regged in, this smacks of unprofessionalism...

    Despite the fact that the fire marshal had shot them down and refused entrance to any more people, their web site was STILL SELLING TICKETS until late last night.
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  • Almost glad now that Dawn and I were Sick on Saturday and decided to not go, because it would have been alot of effort and money wasted just to get there and wait in the cold for nothing.

    Thank you Katsucon related illness!
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    My brother was there working the marvel booth. If I'd known you guys were going I would've told him and attempted to get you free things (or even get you in) through exploiting my sibling. ^_^
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  • It's all good, as it turned out I'm glad I went home.
  • don't worry guys I'll have you both come down for Wizard World Philly (or the philiadelphia Comic Con!) Usually there isn't a problem getting in there.
  • I told Rym we should go to Wizard World Philly and he was like, bleh.
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