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The Penny Arcade Card Game

edited February 2006 in Board Games
Just a heads up to everyone, but if you're planning on purchasing the PA card game, do not under any circumstances do so in order to actually PLAY it.

The rules are horrible and arbitrary, confusing and poorly written. The game is painful to play. No, a mere understanding of the rules is in and of itself a cause of great anguish. Lesser men have died daring to use "logic" or "reason" in this undertaking.

You have been warned. We will speak on it Tuesday.


  • I just got finished doing the errata thing at the Sabertooth Games website. I now completely understand how to play this game. For the good of the rest of the world we will attempt to play it a few times while we have a complete grasp of the rules.

    I can not in good faith say this is a good game. The most positive thing I can say about it is that it is better than Hellas.
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