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lonely convention

i'm most likely going to be at otakon for at least 2 of the 3 days but i'm not sure if i can get a friend to come with me. im 15 (for 8 more days) so yeah, i can't just get my friends to drive with me. will this suck? any experiences? anything at atll? =\


  • Well, if you stay in a hotel all by yourself it will cost a lot of money. If you don't have a hotel room already, you might be SOL unless you get in with someone who already has a room. Walking around the con alone will suck pretty hard. You should work to find people who you will be friendly with and wont get annoyed and run away from you. And depending on how long your drive is you might get really lonely for many hours. That's about it.

    IMHO the point of a con is to hang out with a zillion friends. If you go just for the events and don't have friends there it will make it a lot less fun.
  • > If you go just for the events and don't have friends there it will make it a lot
    > less fun.

    I don't entirely agree with that. I guess it depends on the kind of person you are. I have certain conventions that I go to alone and then I have conventions I go to just to see friends. I went to Otakon 2002 and Anime Expo 2003 alone and had a good time. The only problem I have with friends is that hanging out with them requires certain compromises. Like not everyone will want to do the same thing and if I break from the group I get considered a party pooper. So I love the conventions where I'm by myself and can do whatever I want whenever and not have to worry about what the hive mind wants to do. The conventions I have marked as friend gatherings are usually small ones like Botcon or whatever other regional Transformer convention I go to. I guess the more there is to do, the more likely I am to go solo on purpose.
  • Yeah fuck it. I decided I'lll go next year when I can drive up there by myself or with friends.

    w00t! today was my first time driving. God bless the USA for letting me drive after answering the question: "Whats a 8 sided, red sign?"
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