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GeekNights 070124 - Brave Story

edited January 2007 in Anime

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Brave Story. In the news, Paprika will hit US theaters in May, and The Boys has been canceled by DC.

Scott's Thing - Optimus Prime Dock
Rym's Thing - Police Chase


  • I tried to nab one of those robots the second I saw it, but the pre-orders were already all sold out everywhere =P I wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway ^^;
  • That was one pretty awesome movie, finally Gonzo did something right. Well, the plot was less than 2 hours.
  • When posted this podcast, the name of the movie sounded really familiar. I just remembered where I heard it before today. I got handed a whole fan paper on it at Anime Expo! I dug it out and took some pics (here and here) because it was too big to scan.

    But, you know how you guys were saying that perhaps it was an OVA cut down into a movie? You were close, it was a novel and a 12 volume manga before it was a movie. So you probably saw many flashes of the elements that were left out.
  • I heart Fluke, big time.

    I use Fluke stuff almost exclusively, and they make an awesome product. I've grown quite intimate with my OTDR, and have flung more hateful profanity at it than I ever have any friend or significant other.

    Oh technology, ye be a cruel mistress.
  • We had the best Fluke stuff at RIT freely available to check out. (Not to mention any Cisco/Nortel/Whatever equipment we wanted). Oh, how I miss that...

    Anyway, I'm getting an Intellitone 200 for work. ^_^ It's not fancy, but it will serve me well.
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