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Asgard Arc: Saint Seiya

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Well, this time I decided to review one of the coolest filler arcs in the history of anime. How come filler can be good you ask? Well, most of Saint Seiya otaku consider The Asgard arc is able to make a smooth transition from the Battle of the Twelve Houses arc to the Poseidon Arc.

What is this filler arc about you might be asking?
Well this filler arc occurs on the Nordic Scandinavian region. It looks like the region of Asgard is tired living in a place where the suns does not appear, and is cold as hell.

Basically they must withstand cold in order for rest of the planet to be cool.
Everything was ok, until Hilda is possessed by the Nibelunge Ring, that gives her the power of the GODS.

So what do you do if you have the power of Odin you say? Well, she decided to melt the arctic and the antarctic poles, and kidnap Athena to kill her. But Athena is Goddess so she decided to pray in oder to slow the melting of the poles, it works but only for about 7 hours. Because his Saints have to:
destroy the ring by using Odin's armor that have to be reborn by collecting seven saphires from the seven God Warrios.

Siegfried from Dubhe Alpha

Thor from Phecda Gamma

Syd from Mizar Zeta

Alberich from Megurez Delta
[img][/Iimg] Mine from Benetnasch Eta[/img]378883332_d0cfbbdc1b.jpg

Higen from Merak Beta

Fenrir from Alioth Epsilon

All of them are pretty powerful, at least enough to take on the guardian of Taurus.

you can't pass through me.

O my head

Snap I am dead, or am I?

Anyhow,the fights are not very long, most of the fights go for an episode an a half. They do not go for dragonbolic proportions (like 10 episodes per punch). The Saints do not charge their energy or anything like that, it is pure plot and fights, which is the awesome, at least for me.


  • Any mention of saint seiya is like summoning me.

    You should have just named this thread "Wired. Come here so we can rant about the Asgard arc of Saint Seiya"
  • Then lets ready to rant to our hearts content.
    So during the last month I decided to track the dvds, luckily I founded them online :P.
    I really forgot how awesome this arc was it. Personally I think that Toei could pretty possibly could had screw Saint Seiya big time. Because, I think that this is one of the firsts filler arcs ever for an anime (I might be wrong ). Do, you know another one earlier? And this went for more than 14 episodes and it was a smooth transition from Sanctuary arcs to Poseidon. It is a shame that new anime, such as Naruto are not able to keep with good old school anime.
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