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Tribes 2

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Indeed, Tribes 2 is the best game ever.

Honestly, I think if a bunch of us got it, and Rym and Scott got a server going somewhere, we could relive the old-school moments.

Hell, if Geeknights gets huge, you could single-handedly revive the game.


  • An organized game of Tribes 2 among cool people might be enough to make me boot into Windows* again. And I didn't even play until the game was available for free.

    *Risking, of course, every worm and security hole unveiled in last 18 months.
  • I think the game is for Linux.
  • Yeah, I spent a good 15-30 minutes looking for Tribes 2 (Scott said it was free now) but it's not free anymore. I'd love to play with you guys... But i'm a cheap bastard. Anybody know where I could find it?

    Oh, and Scott I believe they make it for Linux. But still... where the hell can I find it?
  • After some poking about:

    Tribes 2 was indeed released for Linux. It was also (at least at one point) available for free download. However, never both of these at once; the Linux port was created by the now-imploded company Loki Games, whose death occured some years before Sierra released Tribes 2 for free on Windows.

    The free Windows release doesn't seem to have lasted long, either...the FilePlanet links dried up quickly. It wasn't just a simple download, either...I recall some kind of key distribution that went along with it. So unless there's a h4xxored copy floating around, the game is once again lost to those who don't already have it.
  • Ok, this is what I've got on Tribes 2.

    It was available for free as part of a promotion for Tribes: Vengeance(aka, Tribes 3). But they eventually gave away all the CD-KEYs. You can probably get a copy of Tribes 2 for like, $5 at a game store somewhere.

    The Linux version was a port from Loki. Loki was a company that didn't technically "port" games in the classic sense. They developed this somewhat open source wrapper application into which windows games could be pipe-fitted. All Loki did was make partnerships with companies, stick their games in the Loki setup thing and resell it. If you are good you can still find copies of Tribes2 for Linux.

    Yesterday I tried to install Tribes 2 on Windows. It worked. When I tried to update to the latest version it also worked, partially. After the second update I got a message that said something like "Your version of Tribes 2 is out of date, but there is no update available to update it to the latest version." Awesome. I'm sure I could manually patch it, but it's not worth it. You see, the original unpatched version of Tribes 2 is the best IMHO.

    But Scott, how can we play? We don't have CD-KEYS, and we don't have updates. How are we supposed to play each other online? First off, if we ever have a LAN party we can install the original Tribes 2 on all the machines and have at it with no updates. That would be awesome. Secondly Hamachi. If we setup a Hamachi network we can all play Tribes 2 in LAN mode with no keys and no updates. The only thing we have to make sure of is that everyone is running the original Tribes 2, the first version with no updates whatsoever.

    If enough people are up for it--Tribes needs a lot of players--then we can set it up.
  • I'll go for it, even though I only really got into Tribes2 as it was dying. (also, I don't know how the different time zones will work out)
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    I'm all for it!! Need I say more about the epitome of awesomeness?
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  • So there's absolutely no place to download the game?
  • Support was dropped entirely. They basically only released the games for free in order to garner publicity: they had no intention of keeping the games running in the wild.
  • Actually they released the game for free to get publicity for Tribes: Vengeance. I think they intended to keep the game in the wild. Tribes 1 is still available for free and running. What happened is they ran out of Tribes 2 CD keys.
  • Well, the online updater for Tribes 2 doesn't seem to work anymore, either ;^)
  • It worked. I got a few of the updates. Just one of the updates is missing so you can't actually get from the original version to the newest version without manually updating.
  • It worked!? God must be watching you Apreche. Not once has it for me, however that was a long time ago when I was on my Tribes 2 craze. Guess I need to check back on that again...
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    I'm pretty sure there aren't any gods watching me. They would have to exist for that to be true. I give credit to my technological prowess instead.

    See this thread.
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  • Hopefully when we have some free time, we'll see about setting this up. (Also, I'm kind of waiting until I buy a new computer... I'm using Scott's old video card at the moment, which itself is old and has issues)
  • I would rather not look at that thread Apreche. Guessing that is probably the 100,000th debate about religion, I would no sooner than dropkick an innocent child in the head, put him in a burlap bag, throw him in a lake, and then drive my truck into the lake (aiming carefully so that I would hit my designated target, then put cruise control on and bail out) than hear or read about another debate about it. It is getting old REALLY fast....

    But back to the topic. Please let us know when that server comes up and running. In the mean time I have to go find my disc launcher.....

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    find my disc launcher.....
    You mean spinfusor :)
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    Tells you how long I've been out of the tribes 2 craze. :p

    Too long.....
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  • Lets get Tribes 2 spinning again :D

  • Well, I'm not going to promis anything, but if I can somehow get the game, I can set up a server. I used to run a 24/7 server for JA and another one for SWBF II. However, if I set up a server for Tribes 2, assuming I get the game, I'm probably am going to run it for like 6 hours once every two weeks or month or something since I can't do any other internet activities when I'm running the server. Saddly, I will not be able to connect because I can't get the Packets or whatever from my server PC when I'm running an internet server, meaning I can't play on my own server unless I set it up for LAN which, of coarse, won't do you guys any good. I used to be able to play on my own server until I switched routers... So if anyone can somehow get the game for me, I'll most likely be able to put up a server for a while once every 2 to 4 weeks or so. If you want a second opinion, I'm sure that Trogdor will be willing to tell you about it too because he's been with me all the way on every gaming server I've set up, well, all two servers I've set up.

    I'll have to talk to Rym and Scott for the details if this actually gets going. It's up to you guys. I just need the game.
  • Don't bother. We're going to setup a LAN server using Hamachi. Just wait for Rym to get a new computer.
  • And for us to have some free fucking time... ^_~

    Podcast + going outside + work + anime + other gaming + conventions + sleep > hours/day
  • Man, I always thought you had more free time than the average American.
  • We do. We just spend it ^_~

    I actually spend quite a bit of time doing absolutely nothing or just doodling aimlessly on the piano.
  • I see. I hope I can have a lot of spare time when I get a job. Just what is it that you and Scott do for a living anyways? I know you have something to do with IBM and I think Scott has something to do with making sure servers are running, but I'm not sure.
  • Scott is a programmer. I'll buy this game, probably from Amazon, if enough other people will and Scrym can set up a server.
  • So umm...what is the status of this? Is it going to happen? More people are joining the forums everyday : D
  • I remember a long time ago one of my friends went on and on about how this was the greatest game ever... I never played it, though. From what I remember, I though it sounded sweet, but hadn't heard anything about it for like 5 (6?, 7?) years.
  • So...

    This means we should figure out a way to get Tribes 2, and some other games like it (Weapons Factory! Action Quake!), get them all installed, get a server somewhere, and set up some times where the majority of us can play together.

    That would be unending awesomeness.
  • In the coming months, as Scott and I both upgrade our PCs (leaving more servers free), we'll be putting all of this together. ^_^
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