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Want to watch the Bayside Shakedown TV series?

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Some guy uploaded all 11 episodes plus the movies on to YouTube, subtitled in English. Start watching Episode 1 here.

BTW, I just received my $6 copy of the movie in the mail today. I will be viewing it immediately.


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    Just finished episode 1. It was okay. I was kind of expecting a dynamic cast like Patlabor minus the mechas. Instead I got brown nosing department heads and subordinates yes-men studying for their police exams. The comedy bits were more cute than anything else. The girl detective with the phobia deal is cute. The old cop with his 'one that got away' case is interesting and the newbie cop has heart. And I knew who the killer was going to be after that 'interrogation scene' it was pretty obvious. I don't if the show is good enough to watch the rest. I do want try to watch the rest if only to better enjoy the movie.
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  • The point of the show was to show just how beauraucratic the Japanese police and civil service are, to the point where everyone uses company terminology instead of using police terminology.

    Also important are the exchanges between the Metropolitan Police Department (where Muroi works) and the local police precincts (where Aoshima works), as well as how Muroi is viewed and treated by his immediate subordinates in the MPD.

    I haven't watched the subbed version, but do they explain some of the jokes, such as the interrogation scene in the beginning?
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    Yeah its explained by the judging chiefs in a way. Aoshima watches to many cop shows apparently and was trying his own takes on them. Also Muroi is an ass. At least so far he is. I don't blame his subordiantes for talking crap behind his back.
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  • Also remember that the first episode is just the pilot. It gets better.
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    The reason why Muroi's subordinates talk crap about him behind his back isn't because of how he acts; it's not only normal and expected, but encouraged, in order to close important cases quickly. Just about everyone from the MPD are like that.

    Further observations in white in case of spoilers:
    As Muroi reveals a few episodes into the show, he's from Tohoku University, while most of the people at the MPD are from Tokyo University. Because he comes from what they consider a second-rate university and yet they have to bow their heads because he's their superior, they trash-talk about him when they can.

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